Gossamer Around the World

Gossy' Favorite Drink

Gossamer has been all over the world with me. We meet in Wuerzburg, Germany when my mother saved him from a claw machine. The machine was located at the local military base where I often shopped and went to school. My mother had saved many lives from the malicious claw machine, but when I met Gossamer, I knew we would be friends forever. Since then we’ve traveled all around Germany and Switzerland, and even got sick in Italy! When I came back home to the United States, I took Gossamer all over Texas. He instantly fell in love with the soda, Big Red. When we found out that it’s not really sold outside of Texas, we decided that this would be our home. Since then, we’ve traveled to many states and countries while having some great adventures.

There’s all one problem about all this. We never took pictures of ourselves. So we started a project and now here we are telling the story of Gossamer Around the World.

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