Gossamer and Rasslin’

Gossamer's Ric Flair Costume


Gossamer is Raw

I really wish I had this site when we went to the show. The excitement afterwards was just overwhelming… plus this was back in January so it’s a bit hard to remember everything.

Gossamer and I are huge wrestling fans and never miss any opportunity to see a live show. This time around WWE was hosting a rare double show of their Raw brand. It was simply fantastic! I have a stuff animal of Ric Flair so I took off it’s robe and gave it to Gossamer to wear to the show. Gossy wasn’t happy, but he looked so adorable I just didn’t care.

This was the closest we’ve ever been to the ring. Usually we can’t afford the good seats or simply just didn’t buy the tickets in time. This time we took no chances, saved our money, and found a pre-sale code. We were in a section right before the floor seats yet still low enough that the security had to check our tickets to let us pass the mini-gate. It also wasn’t TOO low that we couldn’t see anything. It was just simply the best seats ever.

Gossamer was so disappointed that he didn’t get to see his favorite wrestler Kane but it all ended well when he saw Chris Jericho. He was giggling like a crazy fangirl!

Ok… I was the one giggling like a crazy fangirl.

Anyways, our favorite match of the night was defiantly Jeff Hardy vs. Shawn Michaels. Words can’t describe how great it was. It was the final match of the night, everyone is tired, tons of people already went home, but the cheers were the loudest they’ve been all night. Despite the crowd being completly exhausted, we were all on our feet.

Overall it was a wonderful night. There were a lot of people, I spent most of my paycheck at the gift shop, a little kid spilled my soda, my throat was soar from screaming so much, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the night.

– Find out ahead of time where the parking is. Seriously.

– Take only the following things: Money, Camera, and a Sign. (Last one optional.) Go to these events with little as possible. Trust me, it’s easier on everyone.

– Don’t go through the trouble of making an offensive sign. They’ll take it away.

– For the sanity of all the people around you: PLEASE don’t be that crazy person who has to criticize everything REALLY loud. Gossamer will destroy you.

Results of the first half of the show
Results of the second half of the show

  1. April 11th, 2009

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