Welcome Gossamer Jr. and His First Trip!

GJ Says Hi!

Jacob Brodbeck



We have a new member to the family! I must introduce Gossamer Junior to you all! We meet at Six Flags and became instant friends. When Gossamer saw him, he immediately adopted the little cutey as his son. Gossamer suggested since he can’t always be with me, I take Gossy Jr. to some of my trips. He joined our family at the perfect time since I was heading out to a World War II reenactment. So, here’s Gossamer Junior’s first trip:

Fredericksburg is a cute little town with a mixture of Texan and German cultures. (It sounds weird but it’s amazing.) Since Gossy Jr. and I were here for a war reenactment, we couldn’t really visit any of our favorite shops. (We visit Fredericksburg once every few months so there’ll be more stuff on the town later.)

Anyways, this trip was dedicated to history, learning, and some goofing off. Mostly the goofing off part. First Gossy Jr. and I ran around a small park which had statues and memorials for all sorts of people. The bald guy statue happens to be Mr. Jacob Brodbeck who was the father of Aviation. (It says so on the plaque!) On the ground, most tiles have names of all sorts of folk. I don’t know who those people are, what they did, or why some deserved to be covered by the trashcan, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I wish I remembered to take a picture of all the names.

After running around the park, visiting some shops, and eating at a restaurant that used to be hospital; we finally made our way to the Combat Zone. The first thing they give us were ear plugs! They were squishy and fun to play with. Gossy Jr. doesn’t have ears so he had nothing worry about.

The actual reenactment is only about 2 minutes. For about half an hour, several men come out to discuss weapons, uniforms, and different types of strategies. For the most part, the lectures were pretty good. There were only a couple of dull talkers but they usually got interesting when they fired off the loud guns. I sersiouly have to say the best part of the show was the flame thrower. I was seriously giddy when he came out and actually set things on fire. A tank also came out of nowhere and scared the crap out of a little kid behind us. I laughed at him and his mother glared at me…

Overall it was a fun day full of educational facts and stuff blowing up. What more can a girl and her mini-monster friend ask for?

– Ear plugs are your friend. If you are offered them, take them.

– Donate to the museums. It takes a lot of money to hold these shows and they could use any support they can.

– Don’t bring little children. Tanks and small children do not mix well.

Gossy Jr. recorded the reenactment!
The Nimitz Museum
The City of Fredericksburg

    • Donna
    • April 11th, 2009

    “The bald guy statue happens to be Mr. Jacob Brodbeck who was the father of Aviation. ” Yes and brilliant he was as well as being my great-great grandfather. You should research him on the web for he was an inventor but he invented more than just aviation.

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