At The Oasis

The Setting Sun


See, Hear, Speak no evil

The Oasis in Austin, Texas is the only restaurant that GJ and I know of that people do not go for the food. (Well, maybe besides a booby/booty sports bar.) The Oasis has one of the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen. It overlooks the awe inspiring Lake Travis and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset. The food is alright.

The thing about The Oasis is that it’s just a wonderful place to be at. If you want a romantic dinner with your Sweetie, a seat on the deck is perfect. If you don’t really want to eat a dinner, there is an area just for appetizers, drinks, and live music. If you want to have a party, they have plenty of space! In fact the last time we went there was a Sweet 16, a Wedding ceremony, and somebody’s 60th birthday party going on. The also have days set aside for dancing lessons!

Before you enter the actual restaurant and decks, there are statues everywhere! There is also several little booths that local artist use to sell their crafts and art.

Overall, The Oasis is a great place to be. The food really is not the greatest but the view and atmosphere makes it all worth it.

– Get there early, especially if you want to be seated during the sunset. I don’t mean half an hour early, we’re talking about 2 to 2 and half hours early. The Oasis is a very popular spot. We learned this the hard way. If you are stuck waiting just head over to where the live music is and get a drink. (Margaritas are helpful when you have to wait a while.)

– Be patient. Like I said before, it is a popular spot and it will be difficult to do anything quickly.

– Support the local artist and crafters and check out their stuff. They are usually friendly and love talking about what they do!

– If you can’t find parking, they do have valets. If you have to park far away, there are small shuttles (golf carts really) to take you to the resturant.

The Oasis Homepage

  1. Love the pictures and you make me want to go there but I live too far away! šŸ˜„

  2. It looks like such a lovely, beautiful place. I would love to go there, but I doubt that would ever happen.

  3. Yumm, that looks like a great place! There are a bunch of places similar to that around in my area, beautiful view though the food is also awesome as well … at least I think so anyways. šŸ™‚

  4. Oh my God, I love this travel blog. I was just scrounging around in your ‘about’ pages, and I think it’s a fantastic idea (hah, sorry, I’m speaking like you only just opened your blog. But I think it’s my first time here).

    The Oasis sounds good, except I live in Australia and even I wouldn’t go all the way to America for a restaurant.

    Maybe one day you and Gossamer (and GJ, of course) could come and visit Australia.

  5. Sounds like such an interesting and HUGE place! I’m not too picky about food so I’ll possibly enjoy the food as well. But like others, I live waaay too far away. And I tend to avoid going to popular places. šŸ˜›

  6. Oh wow, looks great! Awesome pictures! You’ve made my hungry. šŸ˜€

  7. sounds like fun. But I don’t think I would want to wait that long. I guess if it was something I planned then it wouldn’t be so bad though. :/ I have an impatient fiance, so it probably would work for us.

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