Smooth N’ Melty Petite Mints

Gossy and the Melted Candy

Name: Smooth N’ Melty Petite Mints
Type: Mint Chocolate-ish
Candy Origin: United States
Place Bought: Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Austin, Tx
Reason for buying: Pretty pastel colors and it had the word “mint” in it
Travel Rating: 4/10
Yummy-ness Rating: 8/10

We are a bit embarrassed by this review. On the way to the Scarborough RenFest, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. If you’re not familiar with Cracker Barrel, they have a shopping area with things like old fashion toys, clothing, and candy. On our way out we saw the cutest little bag of candy called Smooth N Melty Petite Mints. Now, you must understand that Gossy and I just LOVE mint. We will buy just about any candy with mint in it. Basically, our giddyness of finding a mint candy that was so pretty over shadowed the fact that we would be outdoors in hot Texan weather. Now, this situation could easily be solved if we remembered to just put the candy in our cooler. As you can probably see, we did not think about that at the time. It was still good though. One of the best candies we have ever tasted… and probably the only candy we ever had to use a serrated knife on.

It is very yummy! It also still looks very pretty even after it has melted.

It does not do well in hot weather… The candy isn’t suppose to look like a colorful blob. It was original kissed shaped candies. (Like Hershey Kisses.)

We give Smooth N’ Melty Petite Mints a rating of 4 out 10. It is an extremely delicious treat but it just does not cut it for travel.

Cracker Barrel
Nutrition Facts

  1. It looks delicious for sure…mmm mints! Maybe I should travel, just for the candy!

  2. That sure looks yummy! I’ve never seen any candy quite like that.

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