Wrestling and Shopping

GJ is Raw


GJ at the Rainforest Cafe

Event: Shopping at the River Walk and the WWE Draft Special!
Location: San Antonio, TX

Well, GJ and I had one hell of a trip to San Antonio! We went for a weekend to see the WWE Raw Draft Special. For those who do not know, there are three WWE shows: Raw, ECW, and Smackdown. The Draft Special is when all the wrestlers appear on Raw and have a chance to be drafted to another show. (It’s a way to mix up the wrestlers and start new stories.) We can’t even begin to describe how wonderful the show was! We even got to see our favorite wrestler, The Big Red Machine Kane! (That’s him in the second picture.)

Anyways, it was a wonderful show and we had great seats! We still want front row seats someday, but for this show, our seats were just perfect!

Along with the wrestling show, we want down to the River Walk! It’s a nice little tourist destination and a perfect place for a walk when it isn’t crowded. We ended up wandering around the mall, shopping here and there, and of course stopping at the ever-cute Rainforest Cafe. (It’s a wild place to shop and eat!! *giggles* )

Once again, we all enjoyed our trip to San Antonio. I’m sad to say there isn’t much else to write about this trip. San Antonio is a place we visit often and there is so much a person (or heart shaped monster) needs to see with his or her own eyes. That goes double for a live WWE Show. They are always exciting and the people are so funny!

– Travel light when going to a WWE Event. It’s just easier that way.
– If taking a sign to a WWE event, please remember there are people behind you who would like to see.
– There are many wonderful restaurants on the River Walk. Stray away from the typical mall experience and try something new!

All our photos from this event
The San Antonio River Walk

  1. glad you had fun on your trip! and yes, the rainforst cafe is fun, lol.

  1. April 11th, 2009

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