Breaking Dawn and “Fans”

GJ and Chocolate

Event: Breaking Dawn Release Party
Location: Barnes&Noble
Summary: I feel sorry for Stephenie Meyer and book sellers everywhere.

We had trouble deciding how to write this. We were not sure how we should describe that night. Our main goal was to discuss the Twilight Saga and some new products. What ended up happening is that we realized a lot of young children do not know how to act in public. We have never felt so bad for people who had to work in a bookstore.

The night started out nicely enough. We sat around reading and drinking some cocoa waiting for the event to begin. Around 10 pm is when it all went to hell. Hardly anybody showed any respect for the employees in charge, products were being misplaced and thrown everywhere, and it was just chaos. When the scavenger hunt was about to start, the lady with the list came out and almost got trampled on! She had to throw the papers in order to prevent from getting hurt. We could not believe that such lack of respect was allowed.

It does not end there. After a few days, there was a huge cry of despair over the final book, Breaking Dawn. There have been threats of returning the book or even just burning it. It just really amazes us how “fans” can suddenly show so much disrespect for the author who brought them the story they treasured so much.

It is perfectly understandable to hate an ending. After all the hype for Breaking Dawn, it was not going to be easy to please so many fans. You can like it or dislike it but you should NEVER disrespect the author who put her heart and soul into it. That is just extremely low and sad for anyone who is reacting in such a horrifying way.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the series, but even so I would not show it the disrespect that you say was shown. I understand that not every ending can be to your liking. However, even so, you should still show the author and the book itself some respect.

    As I said, I’m not a fan, but again I respect Stephenie for her work and the fact that it has gained her lots of popularity.

  2. …And that kind of chaos is the reason why I avoided all the midnight release parties and waited until a week later to buy my copy and read it in peace and quiet. And yes, the book was definitely not what I expected, but it wasn’t the piece of crap everyone’s making it out to be either. I remember the same kind of outcry with the last Harry Potter book (which I liked all the way until that all-too predictable ending, urgh). You can’t win everyone over.

  3. Wow, some fans. I love the series, and love Meyer’s other works as well.
    Yet the kind of fans her books have gained, I really hate. I’ve had a tween Twilight fan be rude to me and insult me just because I was annoyed that she posted spoilers. I mean, seriously, the kind of youths we are “nurturing” really makes me doubt the future.

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