Gossy and GJ in Dallas

GJ meets a meteorite.

The Texas Star
Big Gossy and Lil' Gossy

Drunk Gossy

Vacation: Dallas, Texas
Trip Summary: Tex-Mex, Margaritas, a 20 minute movie, Six Flags, and a rock.

Our trip was not anything special. We just wanted to go somewhere and we picked Dallas. We’ve been there several times at the airport but never had a chance to look around. It was just a vacation to relax and be carefree… the margaritas helped a lot.

On our first day, we stopped by the Planetarium and watched a 20-minute movie. It was suppose to be about Pharaohs but that film wasn’t working so instead we saw something about all the planets and galaxies. Stuff we knew since we were little toddlers and baby monsters. It was a bit elementary but cute nonetheless. It was just annoying when the lady next to us started snoring and her daughter was on the phone.

Oh! They were also setting up the Texas State Fair right outside the Planetarium. The second picture is of GJ posing in front of the Texas sized ferris wheel! We won’t be going to the State Fair but it was neat to see it.

We also got to go to Six Flags. To our surprise there was a giant painting of Gossy!! There was also a giant Gossamer walking around the park but we couldn’t find him again to take a picture. We honestly didn’t like this Six Flags as much as the one in San Antonio.

Well, that really sums up our trip. Like I said, it was nothing special. Dallas really isn’t a place we would go back to if we had the choice… unless Strawberry Margaritas were a part of the deal.

– Don’t snore at the Planetarium. Gossy will destroy you. Slowly.

Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas
The State Fair of Texas
Six Flags

  1. Woohoo, didn’t sound as dreary as you made sound right at the beginning of your post. Sounded like some good fun! Hope you didn’t get a holiday hangover, lol

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