ACL: Day One


Well it’s our first day at Austin City Limits and we forgot our memory card to the the camera… So we only got one picture. It’s OK though! We have two days left and we plan to have a lot more!

Oh, for those who don’t know, ACL is a 3-day music festival in Austin, Texas featuring about 130 bands. If you click the picture you can get a better view of how many people were just at our side. We saw a butt load of bands but today’s favorite is defiantly Vampire Weekend!

We’ll have another update later this weekend with more pictures and information about some of the bands. Toodles for now!

Austin City Limits
Vampire Weekend

  1. Hahaha..the cute fella. hehehe..
    Hmm..I’ve never been to concert like that, though they have it here.
    Actually, they had here it twice, but I let it pass.
    Well, enjoy!

  2. Sounds like fun!

    The picture is rather good quality, you must have a decent camera. I just got a new camera, but have yet to use it. Rather shit that the camera itself can only take and hold one picture.

    I have never heard of the band though =(

  3. what a cute blog!
    Goss’ looks adorable – he must visit Scotland one day =) sure he would love it here!

    I have never been to festival of any kind =( really need to add that to a list of things to do/see.

  4. I must admit I haven’t heard of Austin City Limits though, but I’m sure you and Gossy will enjoy yourselves there and have loads of fun. I remember just last month when one of the best Filipino bands held a reunion concert, and all I had was my PDA phone with a 1MP camera. There may be not much tangible memorabilia, but the experience itself is tattooed on my mind. 😀

  5. This looks like its a lot of fun! I hope you all enjoy yourselves.


  6. awww how cute! GJ also looks as if he’s having a good time! Enjoy the rest of the trip!

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