Eight Hours In A Desert

Well we are back from our trip visiting family and still insanely tired. We drove 8 hours to El Paso, Texas and then 8 hours back. Fun.

Oh, here are the pictures from the amazingly long drive.

On the Road To El Paso

Gossy Staring at the Mountains
More Desert.


Gossamer Still in the Desert.
Guess what?! More Desert.

Ugh, we are SO happy to be home right now.

Road Trip Tip:
– Water is your friend unless there are no rest stops for 87 miles. Water can quickly become your enemy at that point.

  1. It still amazes me that there is desert in the US (lol, I nearly wrote dessert!) I just always imagine it’s all forest like… geography was never my strong point though.

  2. 8 hours is a long drive. It just seems like it shouldn’t take that long to go across the state.

    At least the weather was good.

  3. Geez 8 hours what a long drive. I hope you had a good time on your trip! Nice desert pics funny about the water being your friend until there are no rest stops, first hand knowledge I take it!

  4. I sure hope you stopped along your drive. I don’t think I could stand being in a car for 8 straight hours. I hope you had a good trip. I love road trips. And you have a good point about the water. Thankfully, there are always rest stops along the way where I live.

  5. Woahh 8 hours drive? RESPECT! Heheh The Netherlands are so small you can drive it through in 3 hours *gulp* The pictures are very nice, even though it’s desert – desert – and that funny red fellow!

  6. Wow, i’m glad your road trip turned out great. Iv’e never been on one before so I wouldn’t know what it’s like – but that’s gonna be in the book for me to do.

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