GJ at the Dallas Comic-Con

Gj hanging with Thomas Jane
Todd Farmer and GJ
My Bloody Valentine signed Poster

Event: Dallas Comic-Con
When: January 24th & 25th

GJ and I headed out to the Dallas Comic-Con and it was a blast! We were actually there to help a friend out with her booth but we had enough time to look around and meet some cool people. If you were there and saw two crazy girls running around, one carrying GJ; that was us.

First of all, we got to meet Thomas Jane (actor from The Punisher) and Todd Farmer (writer of My Bloody Valentine 3D)!!! Todd Farmer even signed a poster for us and drew a bloody pick-ax! Mr. Farmer is seriously one of the coolest people we ever meet. We hate horror movies but plan to see My Bloody Valentine just because we now know the writer is totally awesome.

Since we were there as help, we mostly talked with other exhibitors and customers. We even got to see people dress in costume, including the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who! For anyone doesn’t keep track of this blog, we’ve mentioned in the past that we have a huge obsession with Doctor Who. We also saw The Joker, a couple of Green Lanterns, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, and a dude completely covered in blue spandex.

The saddest part for us though was that we could not buy a single thing. (This will be explained in our next post.) We were in awe of all the cool things being sold. We even saw toy Gossamers for sale! They had everything including toys, shirts, movies, jewelry, art, prop replicas, even free stuff, and so much more. We just craved a shirt from Pegasus Publishing or some beautifully odd art by Dirk Strangely. GJ went crazy at the Free Table. He grabbed everything in site! Poor thing had trouble though carrying a poster that was way too big for him. I had to step in and help.

We can not wait to go to another convention. We had so much fun and meet so many people. Who knows, some day we may be there signing autographs. *dreamy sigh*

Dallas Comic-Con
Todd Farmer @ IMDB
Todd Farmer’s Website
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Thomas Jane @ IMDB
Raw Studios
Pegasus Publishing.com
Our Dallas Comic-Con Photos

  1. Sounds like you guys had fun πŸ™‚ Comic cons sound like a ton of fun. I must visit one one day.

  2. It’s good to hear you guys had fun. Too bad you couldn’t buy anything though.

  3. what does comic-con actually stand for btw? πŸ˜›
    ah. comic convention. I’m so clever πŸ˜›
    sounds awesome for you anyways, I’m not right into that kind of thing but that’s probably cause we don’t have much of that stuff over here.

  4. That’s really cool!
    The original My Bloody Valentine that was made in the 70’s or 80’s was filmed a couple towns away from mine! It didn’t make it very big, but now they came out with this new version and it’s so much better.

  5. Wow that sounds like an awesome time you guys had!

  6. Sounds like a cool thing to go to! I’ve never been to a really cool convention. At least none that really interested me.

    I love seeing people dressed out in cool costumes!

  7. Sucks you couldn’t buy anything but I’m glad you guys had fun =) Seems like you met some really cool people too!

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