Gossamer 365: Days 6-9

The Gossamer 365 project still continues and now GJ is helping!

Day 6: Oops.
Day 6: Last Minute
Well, in good ol’ GJ fashion we went to the movies and then a bar… and almost forgot about this project. We quickly took a picture not realizing it turned out like crap! There is no better way to start of GJ’s first appearance in this project!

Day 7: Late Night Swim
Day 7: Midnight Swimming
After a long day, we headed out to our local pool and spa and just swam. One of the greatest things in life is relaxing at a spa late at night.

Day 8: SLEEP
Day 8: Rest
One of our favorite activities: sleeping.

Day 9: Laundry…
Day 9: Laundry! ....Yay?
Back to the real world and all it’s mundane task!

  1. Day 8 is my favorite. Sleeping is the best activity ever.

  2. Very cute! Reminds me of the AT&T commercial where the father figure goes on business and his daughter puts her toy in his briefcase. During his trip he take pictures with the toy at different places.

  3. Looks like you had an interesting few days. The water looks like fire to me. You better not forget to take a picture one day! You would have to start the 365 days all over again!

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