Gossamer 365: Days 18 & 19 & Stuff

We’re going to Dallas for the weekend to a Sci-Fi expo! If you would like to follow our adventure, just watch Gossy’s Twitter! That will be the only thing we update while gone.

Now on to the Gossamer 365 pictures!

Day 18: Stars and Peace
Day 18: Stars and Peace

This is the final result of the painting we worked on. The star hand print is mine and the peace hand print belongs to our roommate Sara. Gossy didn’t want to get his hands painted on so he’s print isn’t on there. Sad, I know. Anyways, despite the fact we are horrible artist, we had fun painting. Plus, it’s unique artwork for our apartment!

Day 19: Getting Ready
Day 19: Getting Ready
Well, we are all ready for the trip! Wish us luck~

Toodles for now!

  1. Aw I think quite the opposite! Every artwork is beautiful in its own way. And I quite like yours ❤ Good luck and be safe on your trip. I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun & photos to share!

  2. Woops* Sorry for double commenting, I had to correct my site link.

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