Gossamer 365: Sci-Fi Expo Edition

Gossamer 365 pictures 20-23 are all dedicated to the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas!

Day 20: Dreary Road
Day 20: Traveling To Dallas
I don’t have much to say about this picture expect that it was a very gloomy day.

Day 21: Gossy meets Tony Todd
Day 21: Gossy Meets Tony Todd

Gossy looks frightened.

Day 22: Jason VS Gossy
Day 22: Jason VS Gossy
There was a life-size Jason mannequin type thingy at the show! Gossy isn’t really scared of Jason, he’s just pretending. If it came down to a one on one fight, Gossamer would totally whip his butt!

Day 23: STUFF
Day 23: The Swag We Got
Here’s most of the stuff we got from the show! Almost everything in the picture we got for free. We bought the Felix Eddy prints, the Sherlock Holmes graphic novel, Dusk graphic novel, and the Death Note stuff. We forgot to take a picture of the coolest free item from the whole trip. It was a Wolverine foam finger!!! We gave ours away but we’ll try to get a picture of another one soon.

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