Gossamer 365: Days 29-33

The project is still going on! I may be behind posting them here, but all the pictures can be found at our Flickr account! Today we go through pictures 29 – 33!

Day 29: Marathon Night
Day 29: Freaks and Geeks Marathon
Donald joined Gossy and GJ for a Freaks and Geeks marathon.

Day 30: Freaks and Ducks
Day 30: Chillaxing
Gossy and Donald are just chillaxing during another night of the Freaks and Geeks Marathon.

Day 31: Lady’s Birthday
Day 31: Lady's B-Day
It was our mom’s birthday!! So we went to the Magnolia Cafe for dinner. Ginger Pancakes with chocolate chips for dinner is seriously the most amazing thing in the world.

Day 32: Pixie Sticks: The Poor Kid’s Drug
Day 32: Our drugs
We have 3 bowls of candy in our apartment and we can’t get rid of them! We have so much left over Easter candy. It’s NEVER ending. Oh, we made that bowl out of an old vinyl record! 🙂

Day 33: Chemistry
Day 33: Chemistry

Poor Sara has a lot of homework. GJ just wanted to look at the pictures.

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