Gossamer 365: Days 49-53

We are well over 50 days into the project!

Day 49: Such A Pretty Day
Day 49: Chillaxing Extreme
GJ and I relaxed. It was such a pretty day, there was no way we were staying indoors.

Day 50: Celebrations!
Day 50: Alamo
We celebrated our 50th day at our favorite movie theater in the world: The Alamo Draft House!! We are beyond giddy-extreme that we have made it this far! Only 315 days left…

Day 51: Freedom Has A Way Of Destroying Things
Day 51: More Painting Fun
We made another painting to decorate our apartment! This time, we used a quote from the Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. We are horrible painters so we thought it best just to write words and quotes instead of ruining the canvas with our horrible artwork.

Day 52: Pretty Flower
Day 52: Pretty Flower
GJ wanted a closer look at some flowers that just recently bloomed. For some reason, I think GJ looks a bit evil in this picture…

Day 53: Field of Flowers
Day 53: Field of Flowers
Gossy and I spent this day at the park! We actually went to go fly kites but sadly there was not enough wind. We did not mind too much since it was such a pretty day. We took a walk around the park, watched the end of a running marathon, and Gossy was almost kidnapped by a giant dog. Luckily, the dog decided to chase after a bird instead…

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