Gossamer 365: Days 54-58

More pictures of our awesome adventures below:

Day 54: Stairway to Nowhere
Day 54: Stairway to Nowhere
Gossy senses their is a metaphor in this picture but he ignores it and just poses for the camera.

Day 55: Stuck
Day 55: Don't Get Stuck!
Gossy was trying to see if he could climb through some bushes… it turns out he can not. He was there for a good 10 minutes until I came by and got him down.

Day 56: Lessons Never Learned
Day 56: Fun at the Faire
We went to the Scarborough RenFest! (A review on that trip will be up soon) Gossy got his jacket stuck on a nail while trying to climb the fence. His expression was just too funny, I had to take a picture.

Day 57: Houdini & Gossamer
Day 57: Houdini & Gossamer
My very odd dog wanted to be in the picture! Everyone, meet Houdini the half Papillon Chihuahua, half West Highland White Terrier. Isn’t he the cutest weird-o you’ve ever seen?

Day 58: Old Settler’s Park
Day 58: Old Settler's Park

GJ wanted his own tree picture since Gossy had so many. This is at Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock, Texas. A town that is literally named after a rock that is round.

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