Lesson Learned

Day 64: Mix, Mix, Mix!

Mixing it up, yo

Ralph and Carla's Wedding

Advice: Never do a free wedding cake for 400 people. If you have to work on that cake in two different cities, have no idea if you actually have a kitchen to work in, no idea how you are going to decorate it, no idea how you are going to transport it, no idea how to keep it cool, and limited access to the stores that could possible help then just say no. Oh yea, DON’T DO IT FOR FREE.

Gossy and I worked non-stop for a couple of weeks on a wedding cake project for a family friend. It’s been a week since the wedding and we are still trying to recover from the stress.

About 80% of the cake (that’s including frosting) was made in a small home kitchen with the help of a small Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was a four-tiered* chocolate and strawberry cake with basic buttercream frosting** with two extra sheet pans*** just in case. The top of each tier (of each cake) had a border of red swirls. Well, there were light red. The red I had was really horrible so I got a very different color than what I needed. To finish it off, roses were randomly placed over the cake.

For those who have no idea, making wedding cakes is a very stressful business. Even without the craziness that we went through, they are difficult, and require a lot of energy. We can’t even describe how insane we were for those weeks… Let’s just say a few murders were almost committed because of this cake.

Despite all the stress and the crazy, psycho baker who was unleashed against the world, the cake came out fine and extremely delicious! Gossy and I didn’t eat any though. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to eat the object that we’ve worked so hard on. Luckily, we heard non-stop compliments and praise for the cake!! In the end, that what really matters: our ego!

Baker Glossary
* four-tiered: This means there were four layers of cake. The top layer and second from the bottom were strawberry. The bottom layer and second from the top were chocolate.
** basic buttercream: Butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Simple but yummy.
*** sheet pans: Basic square sheet cakes. We decided just to slap them with frosting. They didn’t need to be decorated since they were not on display and only meant for eating.

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