Gossamer 365: Days 64-68

And our project continues:

Day 64: Mix, Mix, Mix
Day 64: Mix, Mix, Mix!
We continued working on the cake! It was difficult and Gossy often wanted to throw the spatula at me, but we accomplished our task.

Day 65: So Freakin’ Tired
Day 65: So freakin' tired
We finished baking! Gossy and I desperately needed some rest.

Day 66: Some of the Cakes
Day 66: More Cakes...
Gossy in front of some of the cakes. This is not even all of them. We had cakes stored in several places across Austin. (YAY for understanding friends and family!)

Day 67: Free Root Beer Floats!
What’s better than a root beer float? A free root beer float!!! Yay for random Sonic Freebie promotions!

Day 68: Time To Get Ready
Day 68: Cakes
We got all the cakes and took them to our parents’ house. The next day we would be traveling to El Paso for the wedding.

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