Gossamer 365: Days 69-73

The adventures continue!

Day 69: When It Rains, It Pours
Day 69: Desert Rain
We leave our new home to go back to our old one. On the way to El Paso, the sky decided it would make things interesting by raining on us.

Day 70: Guitar
Day 70: Shiny!
While relaxing at our Uncle’s house, Gossy wanted to steal my dad’s guitar. It’s ok though, it is way to heave for Gossy to even carry it.

Day 71: To Sleepy To Care
Day 71: Sleepy Time
It was a long and busy weekend in El Paso. All that Gossy wanted was to sleep.

Day 72: Back Home!!
Day 72: Back Home!!!
We are back home! We got Sara and Maxie a gift but Gossy just HAD to pose with it first.

Day 73: Homework
Day 73: Homework

We started going back to school. The first thing we had to do after the exhausting trip to El Paso was to do tons of homework. Gossy didn’t take it well…

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