Gossamer 365: Days 83 & 84 Big Plans Edition

Day 83: LONDON?!
Day 83: Big Plans
We have major plans for the future. In exactly one year, we want to save enough to sign up for the student traveling abroad program to London! The trip includes several tours of the city, a day trip to Paris, and various other amazing things! Educationally, we are perfectly set up. Financially, not so much. We will be spending the year saving up. Don’t worry though! We still plan to go to as many events as possibly, just the free ones.

Day 83: A Penny Here and There
Day 84: Saving Up
We are saving EVERYTHING. We are beyond scared we will not be able to afford the trip. Every penny is important at this point.

We will have updates on our financial and educational progress over the next year.

Wish us luck!!

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