Gossamer 365 Update

Good News: We’ve passed the 150 mark in our project!

Bad News: We missed another day.

We are sad.

Day 154 has come and gone. I’m starting to think we’re not really good at this whole take a picture every day thing. Once again, we must move on and continue to take pointless pictures every single day.

Gossy didn’t take missing a day too well. When he’s moody, he stays that way for days. I didn’t want to deal with moody-ness, so I gave him a knife and Wreck This Journal. A few hours later, Gossy was happy as ever.

Day 156: Therapy

For those not familiar with Wreck This Journal; it’s a journal that you wreck. Therapy through destruction!

Everything’s back to normal now. We even made a stop by Lake Pflugerville.

Day 157: Lake Pflugerville

Doesn’t he look so adorable?

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Gossamer 365 Pictures

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