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Our Goal
Our goal is simple: Show off the world’s little fascinating adventures it has to offer.

Life shouldn’t be wasted away in front of a computer! Go out and try something new, help others improve, meet someone interesting, read something exciting, or eat something odd! Just go out, help others, and just have fun!

Our History
Gossamer has been all over the world with me. We meet in Wuerzburg, Germany when my mother saved him from a claw machine. The machine was located at the local military base where I often shopped and went to school. My mother had saved many lives from the malicious claw machine, but when I met Gossamer, I knew we would be friends forever. Since then we have traveled all around Germany and Switzerland, and even got sick in Italy! When I came back home to the United States, I took Gossamer all over Texas. We settled in a Texan City known for an independent music scene and all around weirdness. (Some say our city is not truly Texan) Since then, we have traveled to many states and countries while having some great adventures. The only problem was that we never took pictures of ourselves! So that’s where this website comes in. Now we have a place for pictures and stories! Along the way we met little Gossamer Junior. (We call him GJ.) Whenever Gossy doesn’t feel like doing something (he hates amusement parks) then I can just take GJ!
We love trying new sweets, reading new books, and writing all about it! Plus, sometimes we can’t always travel and need something else to put on this site. Here is just a rundown on how we determine some of the things we like.

GJ at the Zilker Kite Festival

Candy and Sweets
Since this is a travel website, we look for candies that are travel friendly… usually. If a candy has just the cutest packaging, we are more and likely going to try it. No matter how much we like a candy, the rating could go down if it’s something that just does not work during a trip. So basically the main things we look for are: Flavor, cuteness, and travel convenience.

We love all sorts of books. From romance to mystery and fantasy to historical. We love them all. We probably won’t go into great detail about the books but we’ll make sure to cover what we liked and didn’t like. We’ll also provide extra information on the author and links of where the book is sold. Overall, we just look for a book that takes us to a whole new world with great plots, characters, and tone. We also love books that are not afraid to tell the truth and educate it’s reader.

Restaurants and Bakeries
Nothing is better than finding a new, exciting place to eat. We will honestly write how we feel about any food we eat. Especially when it comes to bakeries. When we go to a restaurants we look for good tea, food, and atmosphere. In other words, if the food is great but we feel uncomfortable, we won’t come back. At bakeries, we usually try the cookies. Yes, we are cookie snobs and proud of it.

  1. How cute!!!

  2. Your site is highly cute and original!! I love it 😀

    • jcrocreb
    • March 23rd, 2009

    Hey Stef

    I Love the website its very adorable! :3

    Amazing Job

    – Melody!

  3. how inspiring! i am already in love with your blog..

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