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Meh, Who Needs Updates?

While our project is perfectly on schedule… our blogging isn’t. Oh well, here’s what all 2 of you who actually read our blog have been waiting for; the rest of the January pictures.

Day 25
Day 25: Hired Help
Gossy is scared. This green monster has been stalking us for so long. Gossamer decided to get some guard dogs… just in case.

Day 26
Day 26: Sea Turtle Sundae
What’s the best treatment for a stressful day? Ice Cream!! We got the Sea Turtle Sundae and Joe’s Crab Shack. Goooood stuff!

Day 27
Day 27: Sweet
Gossy has in his hands a copy of Edible Austin that was released last year. In it has a picture of a cupcake we designed. We have been searching high and low for it and we finally found it!!

Day 28
Day 28: New BFF
Gossy’s Guard dog is soooo cute!!

Day 29
Day 29: He's back...
The green monster returns… Gossamer was just talking with his friend Tally when I snapped this picture. By the time I got up, the creature was gone. What does it want?!

Day 30
Day 30: Tea Time
Nothing better to calm the nerves than boiling hot tea.

Day 31
Day 31: Books. Books. Books.
We got a butt load of new books… WE ARE SO GIDDY!!


From Dusk to Midnight

Today is all about book reviews! We’ll be reviewing Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld and Dusk by David Doub. Now, don’t forget that we are still learning how to write book reviews and hope that they are at least helpful!

Dusk: Volume 1 by David Doub

Gossy and Dusk

As a battered wife, Eve’s only concern was to keep her marriage together. But when she is kidnapped into the sordid supernatural world of vampires and foul magic, Eve finds she doesn’t want to leave. Her mysterious benefactor, the Vampire Lord Ash, wish her to have a normal life but Eve chooses to stay in the service of Ash. Dusk is the stories about Eve and her challenges living in the darkness.

We were really surprised by this graphic novel! When we bought it the first thing we thought was, “Did we really just spend money on ANOTHER vampire book?” We’re not exactly huge vampire fans. (Team Zombie all the way!) It turns out it was interesting and we can not wait until the second volume.

We’ll admit, the story is unpolished and rough but has potential at being pretty damn good, even for a vampire story. You get sucked (pun totally intended) into the characters and why they are the way they are. The main character, Eve’s intentions are completely obvious and understandable but you are left to wonder why Ash cares.

Overall, it was a good read and we’re curious to find out what happens next.

Mignighters Vl. 1: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld

Gossy wants to be a Midnighter

Moving when you’re in high school is difficult enough, especially when your parents can’t seem to hold their own lives together and your younger sister is being more obnoxious than usual. However, for 15-year-old Jessica Day, these concerns pale when bizarre things start to happen and she discovers that she now has unwanted magical powers. Part science fiction, part horror story, this novel is the first in a series about the midnighters, a select group of individuals whose birth at the stroke of midnight gives them the special ability to move about in a mysterious 25th hour. As Jessica takes her place among these extraordinary teens, she must battle the increasingly dangerous slithers and other darklings that have suddenly become more violent and aggressive.
~ Amazon.Com

It’s no secret that Scott Westerfeld is one of our favorite authors. We jump at any chance to read any of his books. The story is easy to read and very well paced. Each character is unique and a bit crazy in his or her own way. It’s a perfect set up for another book as it introduces the Midnighters’ world and some of the history without boring you.

We have one main problem with the book and it’s the same clich√© that we read in MANY other fantasy (or any general) Young Adult fiction. We get so tired of the same, “new student gains popularity” story. Either the main character or the main character’s new love interest usually falls under that category. It gets old, really quick. We also figured it annoys us because we’ve been to many, many different schools over the years. Being new isn’t as a big deal as people make it out to be.

Buy Midnighters @ Amazon
Buy Dusk @ Amazon
Scott Westerfeld’s Blog
David Doub’s Comic Space
David Doub’s Twitter

Gossamer Gets Geekified!

Rainy Road
Gossy with writer David Doub and That One Cool Dude
Gossy and Joanna Cassidy
Not For Sale

Gossamer, Sara, GJ, and I all went to Dallas this weekend. Donald was feeling extra cranky so he stayed home. He’s such a moody little duck.

We left to Dallas about 5 to 6 pm. First of all, it’s always best to leave on any road trip early. Forces beyond our control lead us to leaving late and we got stuck in both traffic and rain. We reached Dallas about 9-ish PM.

In Dallas was a two day Sci-Fi Expo. We were there to help out Sara’s dad sell toys and it was a freaking blast. Not only were were surrounded by cool toys, but we got to meet actors, artist, and writers! All your nerdy desires can be found at a Sci-Fi expo.

Say you’re a heart-shaped monster who happens to be a bookworm. Could you possibly find anything that will fancy you? Why, yes you can! Gossy found a Sherlock Holmes graphic novel which he hasn’t let out of his sight since getting it. Gossy also got to meet writer David Doub who was sweet enough to sign our copy of Dusk. (We will attempt to write a review on it sometime soon.)

The actors at the show were Tony Todd, Michael Hogan, Joanna Cassidy, Glenn Morshower, Mark Sheppard, and Adrienne Wilkinson. Gossy got to meet Tony Todd (Candyman) and Joanna Cassidy (Bladerunner). Gossy was giddy-extreme the whole time. It was weird meeting the guy who played Candyman. Tony Todd was such a sweet, cool person while his character from long ago gave us nightmares for years. All the actors were amazing and really fun to talk to! (I didn’t tell Gossy, but I got my picture taken with Glenn Morshower!!)

The whole show was such a fun, weird experience. This is the second time we’ve been to any type of comic-con/sci-fi type thing and we plan for more!

Tomorrow, I’ll have the Gossamer 365 pictures of the Sci-Fi Expo posted here!

Until then, toodles!

All of our Sci-Fi Expo pictures
Dallas Sci-Fi Expo
David Doub and buy his book Dusk
Glenn Morshower @
Tony Todd @
Michael Hogan @
Joanna Cassidy @
Mark Sheppard @
Adrienne Wilkinson @

Gossamer 365: Days 14-17

Wow. I think we actually have a system down for this project. 17 days done and 348 more to go!

Day 14: Bookshelf with a Story
Day 14: Bookshelf
I was actually cleaning this day and tried to take a cute picture of Gossy on the vacuum. For some reason, the lighting was just not working with me. 58 pictures later, I gave up and took a picture of him on my bookshelf. Oh, this isn’t my only bookshelf. I have a smaller one with just a bunch of random books, and there is a huge shelf in my closet with even more books. We’ll be hopefully getting another bookshelf in a few more months.

Day 15: The Backyard Toilet
Day 15: Outdoor Toilet!
It’s a toilet… and it’s outside. How awesome is that?

Day 16: Firehouse GJ
Day 16: Firehouse Subs
Firehouse Subs is so good. We scrounged up our change and decided to go on a whim. A very yummy decision on our part.

Day 17: Gossy The Not-So-Artistic Monster
Day 17: Gossy The Artist
We’ve been trying to decorate our new place with a very small budget. We thought it would be fun to create some paintings of our own… It’s not going well. We’re still trying a few ideas but nothing seems to be working. We are having a lot of fun, so it makes it all worth it.

Gossamer 365: Days 10-13

And here’s the next set of pictures!

Day 10: Hardcore GJ
Day 10: GJ near ringside
WWE came to Austin and of course we were there! Usually we would dedicate a whole post to events, but we have two others about wrestling already and there will be many more in the future. If you want to read our past WWE experiences check them out here:
Wrestling & Shopping (WWE in San Antonio, TX)
Gossamer & Rasslin’ (WWE in Austin, TX)

And here are the photos from the event: here.

Day 11: Gossy in the Graveyard
Day 11: Reading The Graveyard Book
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is the latest book we’re reading. So far it’s amazing! We are HUGE fans of Mr. Gaiman.

Day 12: Swag
Day 12: Swagbucks
We wouldn’t normally advertise a prize-giving site, but we found one we LOVE. has great prizes and it’s easy to win. I’ve already won a Linkin Park Limited Print, an Gift card, and the Muppet book that Gossy took a picture with. It’s seriously a great site.

Day 13: Horror
Day 13: Gossy & GJ
Gossy doesn’t like my driving…

Project Gossamer 365: Day 1 & 2

We decided to start are new, very ambitious project. Every single day we will take a new picture of Gossamer or GJ. We’ll probably update every few days with new pictures. We actually started yesterday but we could not find the wire to the camera that connects it to our computer… We lose things easily.

Anyways, here’s our first two pictures!

Day 1: Gossy Reading Sherlock. This is Gossamer outside reading a Sherlock Holmes book we came across. I don’t think he was too happy with me interrupting him reading just to take a picture.
Day 1: Reading Sherlock Holmes

Day 2: Gossy Just RelaxingThis one is just Gossamer hanging out on our balcony. It was a pretty day and no reason to stay inside. A HUGE difference from last week when our neighborhood was attacked by hail.
Day 2: Gossamer Relaxing

Well, wish us luck on our silly project! Toodles for today!

Updates and Giddyness

All of Gossy's outfits

First of all we finally have our FAQ! There’s not much there but it clears a few things up. Also, we have our very own Amazon.Com shop set up! Every book, movie, and item we discuss on this site will be at the store. Well… as long as they offer it. Now, our readers (that’s including YOU) have a quick way to buy the books and other things we discuss here. Plus we get a small percentage of the sales. (Hey! It isn’t easy supporting two heart-shaped monsters with huge appetites for adventure.)

Anyways, for the holidays, we’ll be visiting some family. We will be driving through Texas to our old home town. This is a personal vacation but we still plan to show off some cool pictures from the trip.

Now for the coolest piece of news for us! July 23rd through the 26th, we’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con! This is our very first time going and we are beyond giddy. Gossy is already started picking out what he should wear for the trip. He’s so silly sometimes!

Edit: Had to refund the tickets in order to help get my own apartment. Gossy is still crying.

Oh yea, we also changed our layout. We wanted something brighter and a bit more cheerful.

Our Amazon Shop
San Diego Comic-Con