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Big Red, Dallas, and Zombies! Oh, My!

During the weekend we stopped by the Dr. Pepper Museum and worked at the Dallas Comic-Con! The museum was just a random side trip to entertain our short attention spans. Gossy found a wall dedicated to Big Red, The Greatest Soda of All Time, and was beyond giddy-extreme. Unfortunately, the museum started to close and we had to leave.

Day 139: Little Red & Big Red

At the Dallas Comic-Con, it was beyond busy so we really didn’t have time to take a zillion pictures like we wanted to. Gossy didn’t even get to take pictures with anyone! Plus, there was a creepy kid who kept stalking us. He bought us stuff, so we forgave him… Anyways, the best part about conventions is trying out new food. We stopped by La Hacienda Ranch for dinner, and LOVED it. (Tapas Tacos are awesome-extreme)

Day 140: GJ Sized Tacos!

We’re back home now and back to the real world. School if officially over for the summer! We have the rest of the week to relax (while we are not at our job.) Today, we decided to have a bit of fun. We stumbled upon a cutout plywood thing of a person and bought it immediately. When we got home, we started working out what became Nigel the British Zombie. He’s so adorable!!

Day 143: Gossy the Heart-Shaped Monster and Nigel the British Zombie

Isn’t he the cutest zombie ever?!

Dallas Comic Con
Our DCC pics
La Hacienda Ranch
The Birth of Nigel the British Zombie


Bubble Tea!

GJ and Bubble Tea

We found a place in Austin that sold bubble tea! Actually, in this picture GJ is drinking a Strawberry-Mango Smoothie Bubble Tea. It was yummy-extreme!

Bubble Tea is basically a drink with large tapioca pearls sitting at the bottom. It’s really weird to drink the first time around. Some people slurp way too many pearls their first try and end up having a mouth full of tapioca. Awkward for the person but hilarious to watch.

Below is a couple of places to get it in Austin, but if you want to try it just do a Yelp search for your local area.

Where to get it
Austin, Texas
Coco’s Cafe

Pflugerville, Texas
Formosa Art and Tea House

More Info
Bubble Tea @ Wikipedia
Make Your Own

Smooth N’ Melty Petite Mints

Gossy and the Melted Candy

Name: Smooth N’ Melty Petite Mints
Type: Mint Chocolate-ish
Candy Origin: United States
Place Bought: Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Austin, Tx
Reason for buying: Pretty pastel colors and it had the word “mint” in it
Travel Rating: 4/10
Yummy-ness Rating: 8/10

We are a bit embarrassed by this review. On the way to the Scarborough RenFest, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. If you’re not familiar with Cracker Barrel, they have a shopping area with things like old fashion toys, clothing, and candy. On our way out we saw the cutest little bag of candy called Smooth N Melty Petite Mints. Now, you must understand that Gossy and I just LOVE mint. We will buy just about any candy with mint in it. Basically, our giddyness of finding a mint candy that was so pretty over shadowed the fact that we would be outdoors in hot Texan weather. Now, this situation could easily be solved if we remembered to just put the candy in our cooler. As you can probably see, we did not think about that at the time. It was still good though. One of the best candies we have ever tasted… and probably the only candy we ever had to use a serrated knife on.

It is very yummy! It also still looks very pretty even after it has melted.

It does not do well in hot weather… The candy isn’t suppose to look like a colorful blob. It was original kissed shaped candies. (Like Hershey Kisses.)

We give Smooth N’ Melty Petite Mints a rating of 4 out 10. It is an extremely delicious treat but it just does not cut it for travel.

Cracker Barrel
Nutrition Facts

White Rabbit Creamy Candies

Follow the White Rabbit

Edit: Well there seems to be some contamination problems with these. In other words: Do Not Buy.

Name: White Rabbit Creamy Candies
Type: Taffy/Nougat (?)
Price: $1.99
Candy Origin: China
Place Bought: World Market in Austin, Tx
Reason for buying: Bunny!
Rating: 7/10

While out shopping a few years back, we came across the cutest little bag of candy. Honestly, the only reason we bought it was because of the bunny on the bag. It soon became one of our favorite travel candies! There’s only 5 ingredients: Corn starch, syrup, cane sugar, butter and milk. This candy is the reason we’ve started trying new and unique candies wherever we go.

It’s the perfect little candy to travel with. You can stuff several in a bag or car and there’s plenty to share! It has a nice milky taste and it isn’t too sweet.

If the bag isn’t completely fresh, then the candy will be hard. The solution to this is just leaving it in a hot car. Works like a dream.

We give White Rabbit Creamy Candies a rating of 7 out 10. It’s cute and yummy!

White Rabbit Creamy Candy Wiki
Nutrition Facts

Jelly Baby?

Jelly Babies

Name: Jelly Babies
Type: Jelly
Price: $3.29
Candy Origin: UK
Place Bought: World Market in Austin, Tx
Reason for buying: Obsession with Doctor Who
Rating: 4/10

Along with traveling, Gossamer and I love trying out new foods and drinks, but most of all candy! While shopping today, we came across something that made us both giggle like crazed fangirls: Jelly Babies! Now, we’ve never tried these before but knew about them through Doctor Who. Yes, we are suckers for anything related to Doctor Who. Sadly, we were a bit disappointed over these.

They are cute and each flavor has a “personality” and a name. There’s Brilliant the Strawberry, Bubbles the Lemon, Boofuls the Lime, Big Heart the Blackcurrant, Bumper the Orange, and Baby Bonny the Raspberry. They all even have really cute faces. The colors are pretty and bright with what I’m assuming is a type of powder sugar coating.

This is not something I could continuously munch on during a trip. After just a couple, I don’t want anymore. In fact, I don’t even think I’m going to finish this bag. I was really hoping for these to be great, but I just can’t convince myself to like them. Plus, they are a bit overpriced. (Any candy shipped over seas is more and likely to be pricey.) The texture isn’t the greatest when you start to chew. It feels a bit grainy-ish. I wish I had a better way of describing it, but can’t really think of one.

We give Jelly Babies a rating of 4 out 10. While they are very cute and have a connection to one of our obsessions, Gossy and I are just not crazy for them.

Jelly Babies Wiki
Nutrition Facts