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Taking a Break

During this month Gossamer and I will be working on Nanowrimo! If you are unfamiliar with it just out their website It is National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel before the month ends. The only prize is the self satisfaction that you wrote a 50,000 word novel and lived to edit it the following month. We are a bit behind but catching up. It has defiantly been an interesting project and it has seriously driven us insane. I do not remember a time in our lives where we depended so much on caffeine.

In other news, our first attempt at the Gossamer 365 project did not do so well. (We have a weird love affair with insane projects.) It’s ok though, we want to try again but we are going to wait until January 1st. Also, with the new year coming, a lot of things will be changing. For one, Gossamer and family will be moving! Yup, we will be changing homes once again. We are still in the process of finding a new place, which is never fun. We are hoping to find something in the same general area. What we really want is to move to South Austin, but there is no way a heart-shaped monster can afford the apartments and studios there. We will continue to look though. We are also keeping our mind open to other options.

We also have been considering actually getting a real domain name for the site. We want to get on for the site’s two year birthday. We may even go as far as putting up a donation link to help with the funds. We know it the chances of someone donating to us just to get a domain name is one in a million, but it never hurts to try.

On a really serious note, Gossamer has been claiming to see a green creature stalking him. Neither GJ or I have seen it, but Gossamer says he saw something. He tells us it’s REALLY mean looking, fluffy, and has 3 horns. We are trying to get photographic evidence of this stalker. We will keep you up to date as the story progresses.

For funsies, here’s a picture of a pumpkin trying to eat gossamer:
Day 205: BAD HENRY!

Take Care!


We forget stuff, but still very much loved.

We forgot another day of our year long Gossamer 365 project. We also keep forgetting to upload the photos. Today, we were DETERMINED to upload all our new pictures to Flickr and post some of them here. Unfortunately, we left our camera at work.

Yes, we are bubble brains.

Despite the fact we can’t remember anything, we are still very much loved. We have new fan art by Melody! (Thank you!)

Gossamer's Travels

To see the picture better, just click on it.

In other news, we got our new passports!!

Day 178: Passport to the Future

We mentioned before that we made plans to go to London, England for a study abroad program. Those plans changed a bit. We thought the course was British Literature but turned out to be Intro To Drama. Drama is not something we are really into anymore. (Long story.) Luckily, the trip to Yucatan, Mexico is exactly the type of adventure we would like. Plus it’s cheaper and that makes us giddy-extreme.

Last but not least, we’re trying to make SOME changes to the website. We’re getting bored with it and want to try something different. We’ll post any updates when (and if) they come.

Just for the heck of it, here’s a random Gossamer 365 picture just because it’s cute. It’s Day 137, and it is of Gossy and with his favorite summer treat!

Day 137: Favorite Summer Treat

Gossamer’s Fan Art Collection

Gossamer 365 Update

Good News: We’ve passed the 150 mark in our project!

Bad News: We missed another day.

We are sad.

Day 154 has come and gone. I’m starting to think we’re not really good at this whole take a picture every day thing. Once again, we must move on and continue to take pointless pictures every single day.

Gossy didn’t take missing a day too well. When he’s moody, he stays that way for days. I didn’t want to deal with moody-ness, so I gave him a knife and Wreck This Journal. A few hours later, Gossy was happy as ever.

Day 156: Therapy

For those not familiar with Wreck This Journal; it’s a journal that you wreck. Therapy through destruction!

Everything’s back to normal now. We even made a stop by Lake Pflugerville.

Day 157: Lake Pflugerville

Doesn’t he look so adorable?

Buy Wreck This Journal
Gossamer 365 Pictures

Missed Day

It took us well over a hundred days, but we finally missed a day. On August 3rd, we forgot to take picture 128. About 3-am the next day, we woke up, had a mild panic attack, then went back to sleep.

Day 127: Ready To Cook
This is day 127.

Day 129: Sleepy Despair
This is day 129.

As you can see, there is simply no 128. Gossamer was depressed for a few days, but now we have to get over it! The project has to continue!

Day 132: GJ having a bit of fun
GJ doesn’t really care. He saw something shiny and was happy.

Gossy 365: It still lives!

Our weekly updates of the Gossy 365 project got really boring for us to do. Some days, there is really nothing to explain. Instead, we’re going to take the cool pictures from the project that have stories behind it and post it here. If for any reason you want to keep track of the entire Gossamer 365 project, just click here.

Day 100:
Day 100: Hi There

While the picture isn’t amazing, what it represents does! We crossed the 100th picture mark! How cool is that?

Day 105: Free Slurpee Day
Day 105: Free Slurpee Day
We went on a mission to find as many 7/11 stores to get free slurpees. We may have went a little over board…

Day 116: Pancakes for Dinner!
Day 116: Pancakes For Dinner!
We were suppose to be at the Free Movie in the Park event but it was canceled due to weather. Instead, we stopped by the Magnolia Cafe in Austin, Texas for dinner. We are not huge on pancakes, but Magnolia ginger pancakes are beyond normal pancakes. They are yummy-extreme! While all the other food we’ve tried has been amazing, we always go back for the ginger pancakes.


Day 119: Yummy!
Day 119: YUMMY!!!
We made a stop at Fredericksburg, Texas and went to our favorite restaurant there: Rathskeller Basement. It’s located in the basement of an old hospital. (Would that make it the morgue?) The food is so amazing! We had trouble finding restaurants that made great German food until we found Rathskeller. It’s really worth a try!


Day 121: Laugh!
Day 121: Laugh
We’ve started on a few new painting projects. The main thing we do is find quotes and paint them with pretty colors. We use the paintings just to brighten up our home and rooms. This quote says:

“The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it!”- Bill Nye

Gossamer 365: Days 83 & 84 Big Plans Edition

Day 83: LONDON?!
Day 83: Big Plans
We have major plans for the future. In exactly one year, we want to save enough to sign up for the student traveling abroad program to London! The trip includes several tours of the city, a day trip to Paris, and various other amazing things! Educationally, we are perfectly set up. Financially, not so much. We will be spending the year saving up. Don’t worry though! We still plan to go to as many events as possibly, just the free ones.

Day 83: A Penny Here and There
Day 84: Saving Up
We are saving EVERYTHING. We are beyond scared we will not be able to afford the trip. Every penny is important at this point.

We will have updates on our financial and educational progress over the next year.

Wish us luck!!

Gossamer 365: 79-82

Classes keep us busy in the un-fun way. 😦

Day 79: Late Night Studying
Day 79: Late night studying
We actually almost missed that day’s deadline! We were concentrating on studying and did not realize the time! It was beyond lucky that Gossy decided to check what time it was.

Day 80: More studying…
Day 80: Studying at Campus
Yes, another studying picture. (Expect more in the future as well.) Summer classes are taking up a LOT of our time.

Day 81: Moo
Day 81: Moo
We LOVE!! Gossy was just noticing we really need to order a new set with updated information.

Day 82: As The Night Falls
Day 82: As The Night Falls
After a long week, Gossy needed just to relax and enjoy the night.