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7 Days of February

Here are the first pictures for February. We only have 327 more days until the insane project is done…

Day 32
Day 32: A Cold Night
It’s so freaking cold lately! We miss the hot Texas weather… We want to be outdoors in the sun!!

Day 33
Day 33: A Cold One
We went out to dinner at Logan’s roadhouse. We’re not huge on the steakhouse scene but Gossamer’s grandpapa LOVES it.

Day 34
Day 34: Soup For the Sick
Some of us have not been feeling well (stupid weather…) so we made a huge pot of stew. Mmm… looks good. We bet it smells good but all our noses are stuffed up…

Day 35
Day 35: Poetry
Our friend Grant wrote us a poem! Check it by clicking the picture or read this post

Day 36
Day 36: Let It Rock
Let it Rock! Let it Rock! Let it Rock!

Day 37
Day 37: My Little Insomniac
Who needs sleep when you can sit out all night watching the stars?

Day 38
Day 38: CHEESE!!!
We were at the Alamo Draft House and had CHEESE!!! We went to see Edge of Darkness (it was meh…) but the real entertainment was the pre-show. Playing in the background is some crazy-weird kung-fu movie.

We also have updated our FAQ! Check it out and ask questions!



Gossamer 365: Days 29-33

The project is still going on! I may be behind posting them here, but all the pictures can be found at our Flickr account! Today we go through pictures 29 – 33!

Day 29: Marathon Night
Day 29: Freaks and Geeks Marathon
Donald joined Gossy and GJ for a Freaks and Geeks marathon.

Day 30: Freaks and Ducks
Day 30: Chillaxing
Gossy and Donald are just chillaxing during another night of the Freaks and Geeks Marathon.

Day 31: Lady’s Birthday
Day 31: Lady's B-Day
It was our mom’s birthday!! So we went to the Magnolia Cafe for dinner. Ginger Pancakes with chocolate chips for dinner is seriously the most amazing thing in the world.

Day 32: Pixie Sticks: The Poor Kid’s Drug
Day 32: Our drugs
We have 3 bowls of candy in our apartment and we can’t get rid of them! We have so much left over Easter candy. It’s NEVER ending. Oh, we made that bowl out of an old vinyl record! 🙂

Day 33: Chemistry
Day 33: Chemistry

Poor Sara has a lot of homework. GJ just wanted to look at the pictures.

Updates and Giddyness

All of Gossy's outfits

First of all we finally have our FAQ! There’s not much there but it clears a few things up. Also, we have our very own Amazon.Com shop set up! Every book, movie, and item we discuss on this site will be at the store. Well… as long as they offer it. Now, our readers (that’s including YOU) have a quick way to buy the books and other things we discuss here. Plus we get a small percentage of the sales. (Hey! It isn’t easy supporting two heart-shaped monsters with huge appetites for adventure.)

Anyways, for the holidays, we’ll be visiting some family. We will be driving through Texas to our old home town. This is a personal vacation but we still plan to show off some cool pictures from the trip.

Now for the coolest piece of news for us! July 23rd through the 26th, we’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con! This is our very first time going and we are beyond giddy. Gossy is already started picking out what he should wear for the trip. He’s so silly sometimes!

Edit: Had to refund the tickets in order to help get my own apartment. Gossy is still crying.

Oh yea, we also changed our layout. We wanted something brighter and a bit more cheerful.

Our Amazon Shop
San Diego Comic-Con

The Alamo Draft House

Gossamer Drinking

Place: Alamo Draft House
Location: Austin, Texas

The Alamo Draft House in Austin, TX is one of our favorite places in the world. The Alamo is not your average movie theater. Along with showing the current line up of movies, there are days and events dedicated to cult classics, TV shows, and sport games! Also, you can enjoy all of those with a great meal and a huge selection of beers, wines, and other beverages. It’s not exactly a kid place but there are days set aside for the little ones.

The atmosphere is just so fun, especially where there are contest, free movies at the park, celebrities appearances, live shows, and well… booze!

Looking at the menu

– Always arrive early. Really early. At least half an hour to 45 minutes before the movie starts. It’s best to get your food ahead of time and you’ll never know when there’s going to be a rush. Don’t worry about being bored since there’s always funny and very odd clips before the movie.
– Try the specials. As a chef, I love being able to appreciate when other cooks create such wonderful seasonal meals and desserts.
– Don’t talk during a movie or they’ll kick your ass.

Alamo Draft House
The Alamo @Youtube