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Thrill the World GJ!

On October 24, GJ and I went to Seaholm Power Plant to be part of Thrill The World! It’s a world wide event where everyone dances to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the same exact time. (We’re part of a world record!!) After the event we all had a Michael Jackson dance party.

GJ Taking Dance Lessons:
Thrill The World 2009 - Austin, Texas

Watch out!!!
Thrill The World 2009 - GJ is done for

Poor lil’ GJ almost got bit a few times, but he managed to survive without catching any zombie viruses. I did make him take a bath in Purell after the event though… Luckily, all his anti-zombie shots are up to date!


Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Gossamer at Scarborough

Look! A castle!

Ye Olde Bakery

Gossamer Take a Break

Event: Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Location: Waxahachie, TX (Don’t ask how to pronounce it. I really don’t know.)

We love, love, LOVE going to the Scarborough RenFest! This is our third consecutive year going!! It is open every weekend between April 5th and May 26th and we decided to go on the weekend dedicated to pirates! (Mostly so Gossy could finally wear his costume.)

What we like the most is that there is always something going on. There’s a parade, all the shows, random acts in the middle of the road, turtle racing, a guy who doesn’t smile, and just so much more. We are always seeing something different or discovering something new.

There are a ton of different foods to try and even a bakery! The food variety is amazing. The most famous has to be the giant roasted turkey leg. We’ve never personally tried them but we hear a lot of good things. Someday we’ll get the courage and try one. Oh! We were actually a bit scared to try the bakery considering how hot it was. We ended up buying a small fruit tart and it turned out to be a nice, cool treat.

Now we just have to tell about some of our favorite shows that we never miss.

Don Juan and Miguel is the comedy show to see at Scarborough. Don Juan bravely puts his silly singing sidekick Miguel in dangerous situations to please the audience! You haven’t had a full Scarborough experience unless you have heard Miguel sing, “It’s a Wal-Mart After All.” This show is just so full of action and comedy; you would be a fool if you just passed it by.

The Royal Falconer’s show is probably the most important one to see, especially if you have young children. It’s a demonstration of the beauty and power of birds. We just love listening to the Royal Falconer. He is honest and truly cares about the animals he looks after. We want to say it is educational, but it’s so much more than that. He reminds us that we have to take care of the planet, for all living creatures and ourselves.

A Few Honorable Mentions:

Cut, Thrust, and Run: A silly show with pirates playing with food. It’s probably the only show that encourages you to throw stuff at them.
Doktor Kaboom: Crazy science and comedy!
Stewart and Arnold: A father and son throwing sharp objects at each other.

The thing is, all the shows do not even compare to our new favorite. I was taking Gossy to some shops, when suddenly we hear the most beautiful music. It was so passionate yet simple in an elegant way. We had to find out what it was. Our ears lead us to the area where human chess is normally played. Instead of seeing sword fights and chess fights, we see a man completely covered in black besides his phoenix mask. To our surprise he’s instrument were giant bells! We discovered he’s show was called Cast In Bronze and the instrument was a carillon. Well, it’s a mobile carillon but you get the picture. Anyways, we ended up talking to a few ladies who go to Scarborough and the Texas Renaissance Faire (in Plantersville, Texas) just to hear him play and buy a new CD in person. As soon as we heard him playing Carol of the Bells, we knew we had to have a CD too (In fact, we are listening to it right now). The lady at the little shop section told us that he would sign our CD if we ask him and that he is one of the kindest people they have ever seen. So, after his performance, we went up to him and he was so amazing to talk to! He took the time to hug children, sign autographs, and he was just genuinely an incredible person to be around.

After all the shows, shopping, and walking, Gossy and I were a bit tired. To our amazement, we found a quiet pathway that overlooked a small stream and was almost completely surrounded by trees. It was just a beautiful place to relax. We just sat around, took in the sound of the water below, and chilled out a bit. It was perfect.

Overall, we had a fantastic time. Going to a Renaissance festival is something we think everyone should try once. It’s just a fun, unique experience. Scarborough will always be our festival and we can not wait until we can go back.

– Dress comfortable. You’ll be spending the day out in the sun so think about what you’re wearing. Costumes don’t always have to be heavy and ridiculously uncomfortable.
– Take the time to talk with the performers and donate to their shows.
– If you have kids, be mindful of where you take them. Not all shows are kid friendly.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Cast In Bronze
Don Juan and Miguel
Cut, Thrust, and Run
Doktor Kaboom!