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Big Red, Dallas, and Zombies! Oh, My!

During the weekend we stopped by the Dr. Pepper Museum and worked at the Dallas Comic-Con! The museum was just a random side trip to entertain our short attention spans. Gossy found a wall dedicated to Big Red, The Greatest Soda of All Time, and was beyond giddy-extreme. Unfortunately, the museum started to close and we had to leave.

Day 139: Little Red & Big Red

At the Dallas Comic-Con, it was beyond busy so we really didn’t have time to take a zillion pictures like we wanted to. Gossy didn’t even get to take pictures with anyone! Plus, there was a creepy kid who kept stalking us. He bought us stuff, so we forgave him… Anyways, the best part about conventions is trying out new food. We stopped by La Hacienda Ranch for dinner, and LOVED it. (Tapas Tacos are awesome-extreme)

Day 140: GJ Sized Tacos!

We’re back home now and back to the real world. School if officially over for the summer! We have the rest of the week to relax (while we are not at our job.) Today, we decided to have a bit of fun. We stumbled upon a cutout plywood thing of a person and bought it immediately. When we got home, we started working out what became Nigel the British Zombie. He’s so adorable!!

Day 143: Gossy the Heart-Shaped Monster and Nigel the British Zombie

Isn’t he the cutest zombie ever?!

Dallas Comic Con
Our DCC pics
La Hacienda Ranch
The Birth of Nigel the British Zombie


Gossy 365: It still lives!

Our weekly updates of the Gossy 365 project got really boring for us to do. Some days, there is really nothing to explain. Instead, we’re going to take the cool pictures from the project that have stories behind it and post it here. If for any reason you want to keep track of the entire Gossamer 365 project, just click here.

Day 100:
Day 100: Hi There

While the picture isn’t amazing, what it represents does! We crossed the 100th picture mark! How cool is that?

Day 105: Free Slurpee Day
Day 105: Free Slurpee Day
We went on a mission to find as many 7/11 stores to get free slurpees. We may have went a little over board…

Day 116: Pancakes for Dinner!
Day 116: Pancakes For Dinner!
We were suppose to be at the Free Movie in the Park event but it was canceled due to weather. Instead, we stopped by the Magnolia Cafe in Austin, Texas for dinner. We are not huge on pancakes, but Magnolia ginger pancakes are beyond normal pancakes. They are yummy-extreme! While all the other food we’ve tried has been amazing, we always go back for the ginger pancakes.


Day 119: Yummy!
Day 119: YUMMY!!!
We made a stop at Fredericksburg, Texas and went to our favorite restaurant there: Rathskeller Basement. It’s located in the basement of an old hospital. (Would that make it the morgue?) The food is so amazing! We had trouble finding restaurants that made great German food until we found Rathskeller. It’s really worth a try!


Day 121: Laugh!
Day 121: Laugh
We’ve started on a few new painting projects. The main thing we do is find quotes and paint them with pretty colors. We use the paintings just to brighten up our home and rooms. This quote says:

“The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it!”- Bill Nye

Gossamer 365: Days 29-33

The project is still going on! I may be behind posting them here, but all the pictures can be found at our Flickr account! Today we go through pictures 29 – 33!

Day 29: Marathon Night
Day 29: Freaks and Geeks Marathon
Donald joined Gossy and GJ for a Freaks and Geeks marathon.

Day 30: Freaks and Ducks
Day 30: Chillaxing
Gossy and Donald are just chillaxing during another night of the Freaks and Geeks Marathon.

Day 31: Lady’s Birthday
Day 31: Lady's B-Day
It was our mom’s birthday!! So we went to the Magnolia Cafe for dinner. Ginger Pancakes with chocolate chips for dinner is seriously the most amazing thing in the world.

Day 32: Pixie Sticks: The Poor Kid’s Drug
Day 32: Our drugs
We have 3 bowls of candy in our apartment and we can’t get rid of them! We have so much left over Easter candy. It’s NEVER ending. Oh, we made that bowl out of an old vinyl record! 🙂

Day 33: Chemistry
Day 33: Chemistry

Poor Sara has a lot of homework. GJ just wanted to look at the pictures.

Gossamer 365: Days 14-17

Wow. I think we actually have a system down for this project. 17 days done and 348 more to go!

Day 14: Bookshelf with a Story
Day 14: Bookshelf
I was actually cleaning this day and tried to take a cute picture of Gossy on the vacuum. For some reason, the lighting was just not working with me. 58 pictures later, I gave up and took a picture of him on my bookshelf. Oh, this isn’t my only bookshelf. I have a smaller one with just a bunch of random books, and there is a huge shelf in my closet with even more books. We’ll be hopefully getting another bookshelf in a few more months.

Day 15: The Backyard Toilet
Day 15: Outdoor Toilet!
It’s a toilet… and it’s outside. How awesome is that?

Day 16: Firehouse GJ
Day 16: Firehouse Subs
Firehouse Subs is so good. We scrounged up our change and decided to go on a whim. A very yummy decision on our part.

Day 17: Gossy The Not-So-Artistic Monster
Day 17: Gossy The Artist
We’ve been trying to decorate our new place with a very small budget. We thought it would be fun to create some paintings of our own… It’s not going well. We’re still trying a few ideas but nothing seems to be working. We are having a lot of fun, so it makes it all worth it.

The Alamo Draft House

Gossamer Drinking

Place: Alamo Draft House
Location: Austin, Texas

The Alamo Draft House in Austin, TX is one of our favorite places in the world. The Alamo is not your average movie theater. Along with showing the current line up of movies, there are days and events dedicated to cult classics, TV shows, and sport games! Also, you can enjoy all of those with a great meal and a huge selection of beers, wines, and other beverages. It’s not exactly a kid place but there are days set aside for the little ones.

The atmosphere is just so fun, especially where there are contest, free movies at the park, celebrities appearances, live shows, and well… booze!

Looking at the menu

– Always arrive early. Really early. At least half an hour to 45 minutes before the movie starts. It’s best to get your food ahead of time and you’ll never know when there’s going to be a rush. Don’t worry about being bored since there’s always funny and very odd clips before the movie.
– Try the specials. As a chef, I love being able to appreciate when other cooks create such wonderful seasonal meals and desserts.
– Don’t talk during a movie or they’ll kick your ass.

Alamo Draft House
The Alamo @Youtube

At The Oasis

The Setting Sun


See, Hear, Speak no evil

The Oasis in Austin, Texas is the only restaurant that GJ and I know of that people do not go for the food. (Well, maybe besides a booby/booty sports bar.) The Oasis has one of the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen. It overlooks the awe inspiring Lake Travis and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset. The food is alright.

The thing about The Oasis is that it’s just a wonderful place to be at. If you want a romantic dinner with your Sweetie, a seat on the deck is perfect. If you don’t really want to eat a dinner, there is an area just for appetizers, drinks, and live music. If you want to have a party, they have plenty of space! In fact the last time we went there was a Sweet 16, a Wedding ceremony, and somebody’s 60th birthday party going on. The also have days set aside for dancing lessons!

Before you enter the actual restaurant and decks, there are statues everywhere! There is also several little booths that local artist use to sell their crafts and art.

Overall, The Oasis is a great place to be. The food really is not the greatest but the view and atmosphere makes it all worth it.

– Get there early, especially if you want to be seated during the sunset. I don’t mean half an hour early, we’re talking about 2 to 2 and half hours early. The Oasis is a very popular spot. We learned this the hard way. If you are stuck waiting just head over to where the live music is and get a drink. (Margaritas are helpful when you have to wait a while.)

– Be patient. Like I said before, it is a popular spot and it will be difficult to do anything quickly.

– Support the local artist and crafters and check out their stuff. They are usually friendly and love talking about what they do!

– If you can’t find parking, they do have valets. If you have to park far away, there are small shuttles (golf carts really) to take you to the resturant.

The Oasis Homepage