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Writing Fools

Gossy writing away

It is a bad habit of ours to take on ridiculous projects. This month, we decided to participate in Nanowrimo. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is when you sit down, throw your sanity out the window, and write a novel within one month. Your goal is to reach 50,000 words by the the 30th. Crazy, I know. We are not doing too bad. As of now we have roughly 25,000 words (68 pages). We have a little status bar on the side if anyone is interested in our progress… Anyone? Hello? Yea… you. You are totally interested in our crazy writing project progress.

The best part is of course the writing meet-ups. Recently we tortured our brains in a 12 hour lock down. Yea, you read that right. For 12 long hours we stayed in a building and wrote with a couple dozen other folks. We were doing good until about 1 am when we took a break and played Apples to Apples. After that, Gossamer needed a nap.

Gossy Taking a nap durinthe the lockdown

It was hard to sleep when all you can think about is your word count. Luckily there was some food and caffeine heavy drinks to help us stay awake for rest of the event.

Mmm.... food.

It was a great, and brain melting event. We plan to go to a few more meet-us, just none as crazy as that one. The meet-ups are the only time we can actually sit down, and focus on writing. If we are left alone then we end up playing games, watching movies, or work on this blog.

Just for the heck of it, here is another picture of Gossamer at the Lock Down with a wombat, some penguins, and William Shatner’s head.

Gossy and Shatner



Thrill the World GJ!

On October 24, GJ and I went to Seaholm Power Plant to be part of Thrill The World! It’s a world wide event where everyone dances to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the same exact time. (We’re part of a world record!!) After the event we all had a Michael Jackson dance party.

GJ Taking Dance Lessons:
Thrill The World 2009 - Austin, Texas

Watch out!!!
Thrill The World 2009 - GJ is done for

Poor lil’ GJ almost got bit a few times, but he managed to survive without catching any zombie viruses. I did make him take a bath in Purell after the event though… Luckily, all his anti-zombie shots are up to date!

GJ and That Puppet Guy

GJ and I got to see Jeff Dunham live!! It was so amazing. He was performing at College Station for the Texas A&M First Yell. It started off with different type of school music and dance performers which led to the amazing Guitar Guy: Brian Haner. He’s creepy expressions make us laugh. A LOT.

Guitar Guy

Now, you have to understand we are HUGE fans of Jeff Dunham. We have seen as many Comedy Central specials and YouTube clips of him as possible. This was our second time to one of his shows and our sides are still hurting from laughing so damn much.


The Reed Arena was completely packed!

Day 160: Jeff Dunham!

For a guy who plays with dolls for a living, he sure has a HUGE fanbase.

Our Photos From The Event
Jeff Dunham
Brian Haner

Big Red, Dallas, and Zombies! Oh, My!

During the weekend we stopped by the Dr. Pepper Museum and worked at the Dallas Comic-Con! The museum was just a random side trip to entertain our short attention spans. Gossy found a wall dedicated to Big Red, The Greatest Soda of All Time, and was beyond giddy-extreme. Unfortunately, the museum started to close and we had to leave.

Day 139: Little Red & Big Red

At the Dallas Comic-Con, it was beyond busy so we really didn’t have time to take a zillion pictures like we wanted to. Gossy didn’t even get to take pictures with anyone! Plus, there was a creepy kid who kept stalking us. He bought us stuff, so we forgave him… Anyways, the best part about conventions is trying out new food. We stopped by La Hacienda Ranch for dinner, and LOVED it. (Tapas Tacos are awesome-extreme)

Day 140: GJ Sized Tacos!

We’re back home now and back to the real world. School if officially over for the summer! We have the rest of the week to relax (while we are not at our job.) Today, we decided to have a bit of fun. We stumbled upon a cutout plywood thing of a person and bought it immediately. When we got home, we started working out what became Nigel the British Zombie. He’s so adorable!!

Day 143: Gossy the Heart-Shaped Monster and Nigel the British Zombie

Isn’t he the cutest zombie ever?!

Dallas Comic Con
Our DCC pics
La Hacienda Ranch
The Birth of Nigel the British Zombie

Revenge of the Buns: Veggie Dog Eating Contest

Day 98: Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest

Event: Revenge of the Buns: Veggie Dog Eating Contest
When: July 4th, 2009
Where: Tiniest Bar in Texas (Austin, Tx)

Only in Austin, Texas will you find an event that has Zombie Veggie Hotdogs, a man dressed as a unicorn, other crazy costumes, and the mandatory live music all on Independence Day! July 4th was the 3rd annual Revenge of the Buns: Veggie Dog Eating Contest and it was a freakin’ blast! (We could have done without the record breaking heat, but whatever.) This 4th of July, we wanted to do something new and exciting! That resulted in us having a new found hatred of Hot Dogs…

Anyways, contestants in a doubles team or singles had 10 minutes to eat as many veggie dogs their bodies could take. Our team ate a combined total of 9.5 or 10.5 hot dogs. We were a bit delirious and lost count but we know for sure it’s over 9 and a half veggie dogs! The winning team ate 28 while the solo winner ate 16. We never knew how much it took to eat so much! Because of this event, we declared we are never entering in another food eating competition. Ever.

The event was amazing but seriously; keep hot dogs away from us!

More of our event photos
Event Photos by Matthew Wedgwood
Event Photos by Ed Lehmann
Event Photos by Ann Harkness

Lesson Learned

Day 64: Mix, Mix, Mix!

Mixing it up, yo

Ralph and Carla's Wedding

Advice: Never do a free wedding cake for 400 people. If you have to work on that cake in two different cities, have no idea if you actually have a kitchen to work in, no idea how you are going to decorate it, no idea how you are going to transport it, no idea how to keep it cool, and limited access to the stores that could possible help then just say no. Oh yea, DON’T DO IT FOR FREE.

Gossy and I worked non-stop for a couple of weeks on a wedding cake project for a family friend. It’s been a week since the wedding and we are still trying to recover from the stress.

About 80% of the cake (that’s including frosting) was made in a small home kitchen with the help of a small Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was a four-tiered* chocolate and strawberry cake with basic buttercream frosting** with two extra sheet pans*** just in case. The top of each tier (of each cake) had a border of red swirls. Well, there were light red. The red I had was really horrible so I got a very different color than what I needed. To finish it off, roses were randomly placed over the cake.

For those who have no idea, making wedding cakes is a very stressful business. Even without the craziness that we went through, they are difficult, and require a lot of energy. We can’t even describe how insane we were for those weeks… Let’s just say a few murders were almost committed because of this cake.

Despite all the stress and the crazy, psycho baker who was unleashed against the world, the cake came out fine and extremely delicious! Gossy and I didn’t eat any though. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to eat the object that we’ve worked so hard on. Luckily, we heard non-stop compliments and praise for the cake!! In the end, that what really matters: our ego!

Baker Glossary
* four-tiered: This means there were four layers of cake. The top layer and second from the bottom were strawberry. The bottom layer and second from the top were chocolate.
** basic buttercream: Butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Simple but yummy.
*** sheet pans: Basic square sheet cakes. We decided just to slap them with frosting. They didn’t need to be decorated since they were not on display and only meant for eating.

Gossamer 365: Days 54-58

More pictures of our awesome adventures below:

Day 54: Stairway to Nowhere
Day 54: Stairway to Nowhere
Gossy senses their is a metaphor in this picture but he ignores it and just poses for the camera.

Day 55: Stuck
Day 55: Don't Get Stuck!
Gossy was trying to see if he could climb through some bushes… it turns out he can not. He was there for a good 10 minutes until I came by and got him down.

Day 56: Lessons Never Learned
Day 56: Fun at the Faire
We went to the Scarborough RenFest! (A review on that trip will be up soon) Gossy got his jacket stuck on a nail while trying to climb the fence. His expression was just too funny, I had to take a picture.

Day 57: Houdini & Gossamer
Day 57: Houdini & Gossamer
My very odd dog wanted to be in the picture! Everyone, meet Houdini the half Papillon Chihuahua, half West Highland White Terrier. Isn’t he the cutest weird-o you’ve ever seen?

Day 58: Old Settler’s Park
Day 58: Old Settler's Park

GJ wanted his own tree picture since Gossy had so many. This is at Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock, Texas. A town that is literally named after a rock that is round.