Jelly Baby?

Jelly Babies

Name: Jelly Babies
Type: Jelly
Price: $3.29
Candy Origin: UK
Place Bought: World Market in Austin, Tx
Reason for buying: Obsession with Doctor Who
Rating: 4/10

Along with traveling, Gossamer and I love trying out new foods and drinks, but most of all candy! While shopping today, we came across something that made us both giggle like crazed fangirls: Jelly Babies! Now, we’ve never tried these before but knew about them through Doctor Who. Yes, we are suckers for anything related to Doctor Who. Sadly, we were a bit disappointed over these.

They are cute and each flavor has a “personality” and a name. There’s Brilliant the Strawberry, Bubbles the Lemon, Boofuls the Lime, Big Heart the Blackcurrant, Bumper the Orange, and Baby Bonny the Raspberry. They all even have really cute faces. The colors are pretty and bright with what I’m assuming is a type of powder sugar coating.

This is not something I could continuously munch on during a trip. After just a couple, I don’t want anymore. In fact, I don’t even think I’m going to finish this bag. I was really hoping for these to be great, but I just can’t convince myself to like them. Plus, they are a bit overpriced. (Any candy shipped over seas is more and likely to be pricey.) The texture isn’t the greatest when you start to chew. It feels a bit grainy-ish. I wish I had a better way of describing it, but can’t really think of one.

We give Jelly Babies a rating of 4 out 10. While they are very cute and have a connection to one of our obsessions, Gossy and I are just not crazy for them.

Jelly Babies Wiki
Nutrition Facts


Four Winds Renaissance Faire



Well, I really don’t have much to say about this trip. Gossy Jr. was high on pixie sticks and out scaring the animals while I was in an archery contest. We didn’t take any pictures until the last 15 minutes when we were on a carriage ride. The pictures aren’t all that great, I admit it. So this is just a small highlight.

Four Winds is just South of Tyler, Texas. Four hours away from where I live. We were able to walk around the whole festival in about 15 to 20 minutes. (We stopped a lot.) On a brighter note: There were no lines to worry about! We are really used to bigger festivals so it’s not easy to discuss one so small. I’m not saying it was a bad experience but it wasn’t our favorite…

The people were amazing though. We did manage to see one of the shows~ He is known as the Professional Showoff. He was so amazingly funny. Gossy Jr. just loved the fact that he juggled fire and almost injured himself several times throughout the show… I defiantly recommend seeing his show just maybe at a different festival.

Overall, we had a good time but I don’t see us going back any time soon.

– Dress comfortably. I wore a costume and it was hot as hell. If you do wear a costume, pick something that won’t exhaust you. It can get hot REALLY fast.

– Take time to see all the shows and talk to some of the folks. There is always a fascinating story gone on. I even talked to a couple who were celebrating their 3rd anniversary. They met and fell in love there. 🙂

Four Winds
Trey Cromwell: Professional Showoff!

Thinking and Writing

Well I changed the layout. Not sure if I like it or not. I wish they had the option to change colors. I might have to just pay for a site so I can finally customize everything the way I wanted it…

Anyways I got several updates and a couple upcoming updates!

– Gossamer and Gossy Jr. both wrote little stories on how I met them! Just click on their names on the Navigation bar up above to read them.

– Gossy Jr. and I went to a Renaissance Festival and so we’re working on that post. Gossy Jr. ate a pound of ye olde pixie sticks before we went so he was too busy running in circles to take any great pictures. We actually didn’t even take pictures until the last 15 minutes.

Well that’s about it for today. Look out for more soon!


Welcome Gossamer Jr. and His First Trip!

GJ Says Hi!

Jacob Brodbeck



We have a new member to the family! I must introduce Gossamer Junior to you all! We meet at Six Flags and became instant friends. When Gossamer saw him, he immediately adopted the little cutey as his son. Gossamer suggested since he can’t always be with me, I take Gossy Jr. to some of my trips. He joined our family at the perfect time since I was heading out to a World War II reenactment. So, here’s Gossamer Junior’s first trip:

Fredericksburg is a cute little town with a mixture of Texan and German cultures. (It sounds weird but it’s amazing.) Since Gossy Jr. and I were here for a war reenactment, we couldn’t really visit any of our favorite shops. (We visit Fredericksburg once every few months so there’ll be more stuff on the town later.)

Anyways, this trip was dedicated to history, learning, and some goofing off. Mostly the goofing off part. First Gossy Jr. and I ran around a small park which had statues and memorials for all sorts of people. The bald guy statue happens to be Mr. Jacob Brodbeck who was the father of Aviation. (It says so on the plaque!) On the ground, most tiles have names of all sorts of folk. I don’t know who those people are, what they did, or why some deserved to be covered by the trashcan, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I wish I remembered to take a picture of all the names.

After running around the park, visiting some shops, and eating at a restaurant that used to be hospital; we finally made our way to the Combat Zone. The first thing they give us were ear plugs! They were squishy and fun to play with. Gossy Jr. doesn’t have ears so he had nothing worry about.

The actual reenactment is only about 2 minutes. For about half an hour, several men come out to discuss weapons, uniforms, and different types of strategies. For the most part, the lectures were pretty good. There were only a couple of dull talkers but they usually got interesting when they fired off the loud guns. I sersiouly have to say the best part of the show was the flame thrower. I was seriously giddy when he came out and actually set things on fire. A tank also came out of nowhere and scared the crap out of a little kid behind us. I laughed at him and his mother glared at me…

Overall it was a fun day full of educational facts and stuff blowing up. What more can a girl and her mini-monster friend ask for?

– Ear plugs are your friend. If you are offered them, take them.

– Donate to the museums. It takes a lot of money to hold these shows and they could use any support they can.

– Don’t bring little children. Tanks and small children do not mix well.

Gossy Jr. recorded the reenactment!
The Nimitz Museum
The City of Fredericksburg

Just a small update

Gossamer will make updates soon but is currently being busy with school work and his job. (Hey, someone has to pay the bills!) In the meantime he’s been taking notes and thinking hard about how he wants this website. So, here’s just a few things to look for in the future:

– A list of great books to travel with or books about traveling!
– A list of all the things a heart shaped monster and human girl should take while on the road.
– Guest appearances from friends and family!
– Reviews on travel websites and links to other traveling with toys friends websites.
– Gossamer Around the World: The Scrapbook! (More on this later. TRUST ME, you’ll love this.)
– General advice on road tripping or visiting other countries.

After Gossamer finishes this week’s worth of essays, he’ll be able to get back to what he loves doing! Next Traveling post will actually feature Gossamer Jr. who went to Fredericksburg, Texas for a World War II reenactment. So, keep a watchful eye because more is coming!


Gossamer and Rasslin’

Gossamer's Ric Flair Costume


Gossamer is Raw

I really wish I had this site when we went to the show. The excitement afterwards was just overwhelming… plus this was back in January so it’s a bit hard to remember everything.

Gossamer and I are huge wrestling fans and never miss any opportunity to see a live show. This time around WWE was hosting a rare double show of their Raw brand. It was simply fantastic! I have a stuff animal of Ric Flair so I took off it’s robe and gave it to Gossamer to wear to the show. Gossy wasn’t happy, but he looked so adorable I just didn’t care.

This was the closest we’ve ever been to the ring. Usually we can’t afford the good seats or simply just didn’t buy the tickets in time. This time we took no chances, saved our money, and found a pre-sale code. We were in a section right before the floor seats yet still low enough that the security had to check our tickets to let us pass the mini-gate. It also wasn’t TOO low that we couldn’t see anything. It was just simply the best seats ever.

Gossamer was so disappointed that he didn’t get to see his favorite wrestler Kane but it all ended well when he saw Chris Jericho. He was giggling like a crazy fangirl!

Ok… I was the one giggling like a crazy fangirl.

Anyways, our favorite match of the night was defiantly Jeff Hardy vs. Shawn Michaels. Words can’t describe how great it was. It was the final match of the night, everyone is tired, tons of people already went home, but the cheers were the loudest they’ve been all night. Despite the crowd being completly exhausted, we were all on our feet.

Overall it was a wonderful night. There were a lot of people, I spent most of my paycheck at the gift shop, a little kid spilled my soda, my throat was soar from screaming so much, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the night.

– Find out ahead of time where the parking is. Seriously.

– Take only the following things: Money, Camera, and a Sign. (Last one optional.) Go to these events with little as possible. Trust me, it’s easier on everyone.

– Don’t go through the trouble of making an offensive sign. They’ll take it away.

– For the sanity of all the people around you: PLEASE don’t be that crazy person who has to criticize everything REALLY loud. Gossamer will destroy you.

Results of the first half of the show
Results of the second half of the show

Gossamer Around the World

Gossy' Favorite Drink

Gossamer has been all over the world with me. We meet in Wuerzburg, Germany when my mother saved him from a claw machine. The machine was located at the local military base where I often shopped and went to school. My mother had saved many lives from the malicious claw machine, but when I met Gossamer, I knew we would be friends forever. Since then we’ve traveled all around Germany and Switzerland, and even got sick in Italy! When I came back home to the United States, I took Gossamer all over Texas. He instantly fell in love with the soda, Big Red. When we found out that it’s not really sold outside of Texas, we decided that this would be our home. Since then, we’ve traveled to many states and countries while having some great adventures.

There’s all one problem about all this. We never took pictures of ourselves. So we started a project and now here we are telling the story of Gossamer Around the World.