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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010! We are so excited for the New Year and we are back from our little break! We have so many trips, projects, and other things we will attempt to actually complete. First off, here’s the January 1st picture for the Gossamer 365 project. Yes, we are going to try and take a picture everyday for a year. Even though we failed last time, it is no reason to give-up! So wish us luck. Lots of luck. We seriously are going to need it.

Day 1: Happy New Year

It’s the New Year and the best way to celebrate it is with friends! Sadly, the evil green monster ruined this photo by sticking his horns in the picture. We tried to catch him, but he was too fast. We did not let that little incident stop us though and continued to enjoy our New Years Day!

Gossamer, GJ, and I are all very hopeful that this year is going to be a blast and can’t wait to share our stories with the world. But until then, Toodles!


Gossamer 365: Days 59-63

Gossamer 365 is still going on despite lack of activity on this part of the project. We got a bit overwhelmed with a lot of projects due at once and haven’t been able to post. BUT, everything is normal again and we’ll have reports on the RenFest and Wedding Cake Torture soon! Until then, here’s more Gossamer 365 pictures:

Day 59: Birthday Rock-Out
Day 59: Rockin' Out on Sara's B-Day
Gossy is rockin’ out at Sara’s birthday party~

Day 60: That’s Not How You Play Tennis
Day 60: That's Not How You Play Tennis
Gossy trying to play Tennis… and not doing well.

Day 61: Touched By His Noodly Appendage
Day 61: Touched By His Noodly Appendage
GJ was saved by the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Day 62: Getting Ready
Day 62: Getting Ready
Day one of a stress-filled week. We were preparing the stuff for a wedding cake.

Day 63: Baking Away
Day 63: Baking Away
Gossy and I were baking up a storm!

Gossamer 365: Days 44-48

More pictures!

Day 44: Night Time Pondering
Day 44: Night Time Pondering
It’s just nice to be able to relax on a quiet night.

Day 45: Rock & Roll Gossy!
Day 45: Rock & Roll Gossy
Gossy just rockin’ out~

Day 46: Boredom = Lamp Climbing
Day 46: Adventurous Gossy
We have a boring life. Gossy thought it would be fun to climb my lamp… until he got stuck.

Day 47: GJ Bored = Bamboo Climbing
Day 47: Adventurous GJ
Once again, we have a boring life. GJ thought it would be fun to climb my bamboo plant… until he got stuck.

Day 48: Maggie Moo’s Icecream
Day 48: Maggie Moo's Ice Cream
It was a day of celebrating life and just having fun! Ice cream is a mandatory part of celebrating for no real good reason.

Gossamer 365: Days 39-43

YAYZ! We’re still on the project. A photo a day is a pain to do. We have such boring lives, it’s hard to make it seem more interesting.

Day 39: Dark and Mysterious
Day 39: Dark and Mysterious
Gossy was trying to be mysterious. Isn’t he so cute!? Er… I mean, SCARY.

Day 40: An Apple A Day…
Day 40: An Apple A Day....
An apple a day keeps the mad doctors away.

Day 41: Country Road~
Day 41: Country Road
That used to be one of our favorite hang out spots. Unfortunately, the area is surrounded by construction to build houses. Pretty lake, no more.

Day 42: The Wedding Fairy
Day 42: Wedding Fairy
Gossy will be helping me make a wedding cake for some family friends! If the cake comes out decent, we’ll post pictures!

Day 43: Beam Me Up Gossy!
Day 43: Beam Me Up Gossy
We went to go see Star Trek at the Alamo Draft House. They actually had their own transporting-thingy station!! The Alamo DH is amazing~

Gossamer 365: Days 29-33

The project is still going on! I may be behind posting them here, but all the pictures can be found at our Flickr account! Today we go through pictures 29 – 33!

Day 29: Marathon Night
Day 29: Freaks and Geeks Marathon
Donald joined Gossy and GJ for a Freaks and Geeks marathon.

Day 30: Freaks and Ducks
Day 30: Chillaxing
Gossy and Donald are just chillaxing during another night of the Freaks and Geeks Marathon.

Day 31: Lady’s Birthday
Day 31: Lady's B-Day
It was our mom’s birthday!! So we went to the Magnolia Cafe for dinner. Ginger Pancakes with chocolate chips for dinner is seriously the most amazing thing in the world.

Day 32: Pixie Sticks: The Poor Kid’s Drug
Day 32: Our drugs
We have 3 bowls of candy in our apartment and we can’t get rid of them! We have so much left over Easter candy. It’s NEVER ending. Oh, we made that bowl out of an old vinyl record! 🙂

Day 33: Chemistry
Day 33: Chemistry

Poor Sara has a lot of homework. GJ just wanted to look at the pictures.

Gossamer 365: Days 14-17

Wow. I think we actually have a system down for this project. 17 days done and 348 more to go!

Day 14: Bookshelf with a Story
Day 14: Bookshelf
I was actually cleaning this day and tried to take a cute picture of Gossy on the vacuum. For some reason, the lighting was just not working with me. 58 pictures later, I gave up and took a picture of him on my bookshelf. Oh, this isn’t my only bookshelf. I have a smaller one with just a bunch of random books, and there is a huge shelf in my closet with even more books. We’ll be hopefully getting another bookshelf in a few more months.

Day 15: The Backyard Toilet
Day 15: Outdoor Toilet!
It’s a toilet… and it’s outside. How awesome is that?

Day 16: Firehouse GJ
Day 16: Firehouse Subs
Firehouse Subs is so good. We scrounged up our change and decided to go on a whim. A very yummy decision on our part.

Day 17: Gossy The Not-So-Artistic Monster
Day 17: Gossy The Artist
We’ve been trying to decorate our new place with a very small budget. We thought it would be fun to create some paintings of our own… It’s not going well. We’re still trying a few ideas but nothing seems to be working. We are having a lot of fun, so it makes it all worth it.

Project Gossamer 365: Day 1 & 2

We decided to start are new, very ambitious project. Every single day we will take a new picture of Gossamer or GJ. We’ll probably update every few days with new pictures. We actually started yesterday but we could not find the wire to the camera that connects it to our computer… We lose things easily.

Anyways, here’s our first two pictures!

Day 1: Gossy Reading Sherlock. This is Gossamer outside reading a Sherlock Holmes book we came across. I don’t think he was too happy with me interrupting him reading just to take a picture.
Day 1: Reading Sherlock Holmes

Day 2: Gossy Just RelaxingThis one is just Gossamer hanging out on our balcony. It was a pretty day and no reason to stay inside. A HUGE difference from last week when our neighborhood was attacked by hail.
Day 2: Gossamer Relaxing

Well, wish us luck on our silly project! Toodles for today!