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The Poem of Gossamer’s Travels

Day Off

Our friend Grant wrote a poem! Thank you so much!!

Gossamer’s Travels by Grant Vega

Up and down
around the world
then in reverse

that’s the life we lead

With cookies, candies, & tea
Like pink evening clouds

and comic-cons dotting the way
sparkling telephone-poles
On a long road to our dreams

No cloudy day
or ill behaved
twilight “fan”
Can deter us

All are banished

with a single
Gossamer smash!

That’s just how we roll

Its another day
in the wild blue yonder

To read more poetry by Grant, check out his site:


Our Life Is Average… Sometimes

Our insane project continues with days 16 to 24!

Day 16

Day 16: Any Advice?

I started freaking out that I couldn’t get oil paint off my hands. Gossy told me to rub olive oil and salt on my hands then wash off with hot water. Afterward, wash hands with soap to remove the oil. Worked. like a charm!

Day 17

Day 17: Weirder Than Gossy

There are things out there even weirder than Gossy. This is a drawing given to us by Scott Sutton ( at the Texas Book Festival last year. It’s seriously one of the cutest things we were ever given.

Day 18

Day 18: Lake Pflugerville

One of our favorite places in the world. 🙂

Day 19

Day 19: Research

Gossamer is so fed up with the scary, green monster that stalks him so decided to see if there was any info online. Sadly, we couldn’t find anything…

Day 20

Day 20: Just reading

Another average day, just reading. Gossy is such a bibliophile!

Day 21

Day 21: National Hugging Day

It was National Hugging Day!!! I hope you hugged your friends, family, and complete strangers!

Day 22

Day 22: Just, like, you know? Yea.... Totally.

It’s just an average week, not much to talk about or take pictures of. It happens.

Day 23

Day 23: One More Month Until...

I caught GJ looks at jewelry! It’s my birthday in exactly one month, I wonder what he’s getting me…

Day 24

Day 24: GJ is SO smart

GJ was just playing with my camera. We forgot to fix the time after Daylight Savings Day so some of the time stamps on our pictures were wrong. It’s all cool now 😉

So yea, boring week, we know. We’re just so busy working our tushies off trying to save for our Study Abroad trip to London, we haven’t had much time for real fun. Hopefully that will change soon or the first half of our 365 pictures a day project will be a bit lame.

Taking a Break

During this month Gossamer and I will be working on Nanowrimo! If you are unfamiliar with it just out their website It is National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel before the month ends. The only prize is the self satisfaction that you wrote a 50,000 word novel and lived to edit it the following month. We are a bit behind but catching up. It has defiantly been an interesting project and it has seriously driven us insane. I do not remember a time in our lives where we depended so much on caffeine.

In other news, our first attempt at the Gossamer 365 project did not do so well. (We have a weird love affair with insane projects.) It’s ok though, we want to try again but we are going to wait until January 1st. Also, with the new year coming, a lot of things will be changing. For one, Gossamer and family will be moving! Yup, we will be changing homes once again. We are still in the process of finding a new place, which is never fun. We are hoping to find something in the same general area. What we really want is to move to South Austin, but there is no way a heart-shaped monster can afford the apartments and studios there. We will continue to look though. We are also keeping our mind open to other options.

We also have been considering actually getting a real domain name for the site. We want to get on for the site’s two year birthday. We may even go as far as putting up a donation link to help with the funds. We know it the chances of someone donating to us just to get a domain name is one in a million, but it never hurts to try.

On a really serious note, Gossamer has been claiming to see a green creature stalking him. Neither GJ or I have seen it, but Gossamer says he saw something. He tells us it’s REALLY mean looking, fluffy, and has 3 horns. We are trying to get photographic evidence of this stalker. We will keep you up to date as the story progresses.

For funsies, here’s a picture of a pumpkin trying to eat gossamer:
Day 205: BAD HENRY!

Take Care!

Revenge of the Buns: Veggie Dog Eating Contest

Day 98: Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest

Event: Revenge of the Buns: Veggie Dog Eating Contest
When: July 4th, 2009
Where: Tiniest Bar in Texas (Austin, Tx)

Only in Austin, Texas will you find an event that has Zombie Veggie Hotdogs, a man dressed as a unicorn, other crazy costumes, and the mandatory live music all on Independence Day! July 4th was the 3rd annual Revenge of the Buns: Veggie Dog Eating Contest and it was a freakin’ blast! (We could have done without the record breaking heat, but whatever.) This 4th of July, we wanted to do something new and exciting! That resulted in us having a new found hatred of Hot Dogs…

Anyways, contestants in a doubles team or singles had 10 minutes to eat as many veggie dogs their bodies could take. Our team ate a combined total of 9.5 or 10.5 hot dogs. We were a bit delirious and lost count but we know for sure it’s over 9 and a half veggie dogs! The winning team ate 28 while the solo winner ate 16. We never knew how much it took to eat so much! Because of this event, we declared we are never entering in another food eating competition. Ever.

The event was amazing but seriously; keep hot dogs away from us!

More of our event photos
Event Photos by Matthew Wedgwood
Event Photos by Ed Lehmann
Event Photos by Ann Harkness

Gossamer 365: 74-78

And even more adventures!!

Day 74: Random
Day 74: Random
We had no idea what to do today.

Day 75: Tornado?
Day 75: Tornado?
We stayed at my parents house that day. A tornado was said to hit near where Gossy and I live. Everything turned out fine for us and there was not any damage. Our car got hit with more hail though…

Day 76: Day of Mourning
Day 76: Sad, Sad Day
OUR CAMERA BROKE! We’re borrowing my mama’s camera for now. Gossy took a while to stop crying.

Day 77: No Trespassing
Day 77: Uh-oh
You’re not allowed in there!!

Day 78: Mt. Bonnell
Day 78: Mt. Bonnell
Gossy and I took a little trip to Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas. It’s a wonderful view of the city. To check out the rest of our pictures from that trip, click here!

Lesson Learned

Day 64: Mix, Mix, Mix!

Mixing it up, yo

Ralph and Carla's Wedding

Advice: Never do a free wedding cake for 400 people. If you have to work on that cake in two different cities, have no idea if you actually have a kitchen to work in, no idea how you are going to decorate it, no idea how you are going to transport it, no idea how to keep it cool, and limited access to the stores that could possible help then just say no. Oh yea, DON’T DO IT FOR FREE.

Gossy and I worked non-stop for a couple of weeks on a wedding cake project for a family friend. It’s been a week since the wedding and we are still trying to recover from the stress.

About 80% of the cake (that’s including frosting) was made in a small home kitchen with the help of a small Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was a four-tiered* chocolate and strawberry cake with basic buttercream frosting** with two extra sheet pans*** just in case. The top of each tier (of each cake) had a border of red swirls. Well, there were light red. The red I had was really horrible so I got a very different color than what I needed. To finish it off, roses were randomly placed over the cake.

For those who have no idea, making wedding cakes is a very stressful business. Even without the craziness that we went through, they are difficult, and require a lot of energy. We can’t even describe how insane we were for those weeks… Let’s just say a few murders were almost committed because of this cake.

Despite all the stress and the crazy, psycho baker who was unleashed against the world, the cake came out fine and extremely delicious! Gossy and I didn’t eat any though. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to eat the object that we’ve worked so hard on. Luckily, we heard non-stop compliments and praise for the cake!! In the end, that what really matters: our ego!

Baker Glossary
* four-tiered: This means there were four layers of cake. The top layer and second from the bottom were strawberry. The bottom layer and second from the top were chocolate.
** basic buttercream: Butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Simple but yummy.
*** sheet pans: Basic square sheet cakes. We decided just to slap them with frosting. They didn’t need to be decorated since they were not on display and only meant for eating.

Gossamer 365: Days 39-43

YAYZ! We’re still on the project. A photo a day is a pain to do. We have such boring lives, it’s hard to make it seem more interesting.

Day 39: Dark and Mysterious
Day 39: Dark and Mysterious
Gossy was trying to be mysterious. Isn’t he so cute!? Er… I mean, SCARY.

Day 40: An Apple A Day…
Day 40: An Apple A Day....
An apple a day keeps the mad doctors away.

Day 41: Country Road~
Day 41: Country Road
That used to be one of our favorite hang out spots. Unfortunately, the area is surrounded by construction to build houses. Pretty lake, no more.

Day 42: The Wedding Fairy
Day 42: Wedding Fairy
Gossy will be helping me make a wedding cake for some family friends! If the cake comes out decent, we’ll post pictures!

Day 43: Beam Me Up Gossy!
Day 43: Beam Me Up Gossy
We went to go see Star Trek at the Alamo Draft House. They actually had their own transporting-thingy station!! The Alamo DH is amazing~