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Mystery Letter?!

We were going to post our normal Gossamer 365 pics, but instead we have to show everyone this:


We found this letter on our door. We’re pretty sure it’s from the mysterious green monster… mostly because of this picture:

watching gossy

We can see his mean little head peaking from behind the curtain. Unfortunately, we could not translate the letter so we sent it to a contact in North Carolina for translation. This contact will have a full translation tomorrow.

This is what the untranslated version says:


Arg! Arg! Rawr! Rawr
Raaaa… Raarrww?
Rawr. Grrr [something crossed out] Rawr!
Raaaaaawr! RawR

– F (RAWR!)

It could mean anything at this point!! Gossamer’s body guard is keeping an eye out and we’ve taken all precautions to make sure Gossy and GJ are safe. Our site’s 2 year birthday is tomorrow! We hope the green monster doesn’t do anything to ruin it!

Well, lets hope for the best…


Our Life Is Average… Sometimes

Our insane project continues with days 16 to 24!

Day 16

Day 16: Any Advice?

I started freaking out that I couldn’t get oil paint off my hands. Gossy told me to rub olive oil and salt on my hands then wash off with hot water. Afterward, wash hands with soap to remove the oil. Worked. like a charm!

Day 17

Day 17: Weirder Than Gossy

There are things out there even weirder than Gossy. This is a drawing given to us by Scott Sutton ( at the Texas Book Festival last year. It’s seriously one of the cutest things we were ever given.

Day 18

Day 18: Lake Pflugerville

One of our favorite places in the world. 🙂

Day 19

Day 19: Research

Gossamer is so fed up with the scary, green monster that stalks him so decided to see if there was any info online. Sadly, we couldn’t find anything…

Day 20

Day 20: Just reading

Another average day, just reading. Gossy is such a bibliophile!

Day 21

Day 21: National Hugging Day

It was National Hugging Day!!! I hope you hugged your friends, family, and complete strangers!

Day 22

Day 22: Just, like, you know? Yea.... Totally.

It’s just an average week, not much to talk about or take pictures of. It happens.

Day 23

Day 23: One More Month Until...

I caught GJ looks at jewelry! It’s my birthday in exactly one month, I wonder what he’s getting me…

Day 24

Day 24: GJ is SO smart

GJ was just playing with my camera. We forgot to fix the time after Daylight Savings Day so some of the time stamps on our pictures were wrong. It’s all cool now 😉

So yea, boring week, we know. We’re just so busy working our tushies off trying to save for our Study Abroad trip to London, we haven’t had much time for real fun. Hopefully that will change soon or the first half of our 365 pictures a day project will be a bit lame.

G365 and No Internet

As of today, I no longer have the internet at my home. I won’t have it again until I move from my apartment. We will still continue our Gossamer 365 project, we just do not know when we’ll be able to update them on the site.

Anyways, here are Days 2-4 of our project.

Day 2
Day 2: The Road To Old Settlers Park
To relax, we decided to take a nice walk at Old Settler’s Park. When we got there we found a hidden trail and took that instead. Barbed wire would stop the average monster, but not Gossy!

Day 3
Day 3: The Dog Whisperer
I think Gossy can communicate with dogs… Either that or the dog is trying to figure what the heck Gossy is.

Day 4
Day 4: No Net
And here we are today; in a cafe. We will probably be here often until we have internet access at home again.

Well, that’s it for today! toodles

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010! We are so excited for the New Year and we are back from our little break! We have so many trips, projects, and other things we will attempt to actually complete. First off, here’s the January 1st picture for the Gossamer 365 project. Yes, we are going to try and take a picture everyday for a year. Even though we failed last time, it is no reason to give-up! So wish us luck. Lots of luck. We seriously are going to need it.

Day 1: Happy New Year

It’s the New Year and the best way to celebrate it is with friends! Sadly, the evil green monster ruined this photo by sticking his horns in the picture. We tried to catch him, but he was too fast. We did not let that little incident stop us though and continued to enjoy our New Years Day!

Gossamer, GJ, and I are all very hopeful that this year is going to be a blast and can’t wait to share our stories with the world. But until then, Toodles!

We forget stuff, but still very much loved.

We forgot another day of our year long Gossamer 365 project. We also keep forgetting to upload the photos. Today, we were DETERMINED to upload all our new pictures to Flickr and post some of them here. Unfortunately, we left our camera at work.

Yes, we are bubble brains.

Despite the fact we can’t remember anything, we are still very much loved. We have new fan art by Melody! (Thank you!)

Gossamer's Travels

To see the picture better, just click on it.

In other news, we got our new passports!!

Day 178: Passport to the Future

We mentioned before that we made plans to go to London, England for a study abroad program. Those plans changed a bit. We thought the course was British Literature but turned out to be Intro To Drama. Drama is not something we are really into anymore. (Long story.) Luckily, the trip to Yucatan, Mexico is exactly the type of adventure we would like. Plus it’s cheaper and that makes us giddy-extreme.

Last but not least, we’re trying to make SOME changes to the website. We’re getting bored with it and want to try something different. We’ll post any updates when (and if) they come.

Just for the heck of it, here’s a random Gossamer 365 picture just because it’s cute. It’s Day 137, and it is of Gossy and with his favorite summer treat!

Day 137: Favorite Summer Treat

Gossamer’s Fan Art Collection

Gossamer 365 Update

Good News: We’ve passed the 150 mark in our project!

Bad News: We missed another day.

We are sad.

Day 154 has come and gone. I’m starting to think we’re not really good at this whole take a picture every day thing. Once again, we must move on and continue to take pointless pictures every single day.

Gossy didn’t take missing a day too well. When he’s moody, he stays that way for days. I didn’t want to deal with moody-ness, so I gave him a knife and Wreck This Journal. A few hours later, Gossy was happy as ever.

Day 156: Therapy

For those not familiar with Wreck This Journal; it’s a journal that you wreck. Therapy through destruction!

Everything’s back to normal now. We even made a stop by Lake Pflugerville.

Day 157: Lake Pflugerville

Doesn’t he look so adorable?

Buy Wreck This Journal
Gossamer 365 Pictures

Peach Cobbler

We love food. Just not any food; we love dessert. The one thing we love more than dessert, is baking it ourselves. The only thing we had on our mind was Peach Cobbler. We have made this a million times before, but wanted to try a new recipe. A Paula Deen recipe to be exact.

Day 147: Doesn't That Smell Good?

We loved the way the peaches came out! We had to add an extra cup of sugar to the peaches since they were not all that sweet. The result was fantastic.


The crust wasn’t our favorite, but still pretty damn good. Even when we do a horrible job baking, it is almost always still freakin’ delicious. We’re that good.

Peach Cobbler

When it was all finished, we added some vanilla ice cream and pigged out!

It was yummy. 🙂

Paula Deen’s Peach Cobbler Recipe