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Team Bbhoggawacts

Day 83: WTF?

First off, meet Lil’ Gossamer! He’ll be joining us in our travels while Gossamer is missing…

For those who attend Austin Community College, you may have noticed the search for a new mascot. I am not sure how many people actually are going to concern themselves over this issue. In fact, we are pretty sure no one is going to remotely care what we have to say in this little blog post of ours. The thing is, we at Gossamer’s Travels are completely obsessed with what the new mascot is going to be. For a while, we were cheering to be Chupacapra’s! How amazing would that be? Unfortunately, that mascot never made it and our dream of being Team Chupacapra faded away. As of now, ACC is having a final vote on four mascots: River Bats, Starblazers, Blazers, and Bbhoggawacts.

We refuse to be called Starblazers or Blazers. End of story.

River Bats is cute but very unimaginative.

Bbhoggawacts. What the hell is a Bbhoggawacts? Well, Madam or Sir, I shall tell you! Acctually, I’m just going to copy and paste what the ACC website says:

Pronounced (bo-ga-wax). Did you know “Keep Austin Weird” started with ACC? Actually, it was the brainchild of ACC Professor James (Red) Wassenich. A Bbhoggawact not only embraces the “Keep Austin Weird” theme, it is also an acronym for the eight counties that make up ACC’s 7,000-square-mile service area. Cross out the vowels and you have (B)astrop, (B)lanco, (H)ays, (G)illespie, (G)onzales, (W)illiamson, (C)aldwell, and (T)ravis Counties. A Bbhoggawact is a fictional character, 100% original, and can be defined by the community.

We still have no freakin’ idea what a Bbhoggawacts is but we knew we desperately want that to be our mascot.

Yay Team Bbhoggawacts!!!!!!!!!

Mascot Voting Page
Bbhoggawacts Facebook Fan Page 1
Bbhoggawacts Facebook Fan Page 2


Gossamer 365: 79-82

Classes keep us busy in the un-fun way. 😦

Day 79: Late Night Studying
Day 79: Late night studying
We actually almost missed that day’s deadline! We were concentrating on studying and did not realize the time! It was beyond lucky that Gossy decided to check what time it was.

Day 80: More studying…
Day 80: Studying at Campus
Yes, another studying picture. (Expect more in the future as well.) Summer classes are taking up a LOT of our time.

Day 81: Moo
Day 81: Moo
We LOVE!! Gossy was just noticing we really need to order a new set with updated information.

Day 82: As The Night Falls
Day 82: As The Night Falls
After a long week, Gossy needed just to relax and enjoy the night.

Just a small update

Gossamer will make updates soon but is currently being busy with school work and his job. (Hey, someone has to pay the bills!) In the meantime he’s been taking notes and thinking hard about how he wants this website. So, here’s just a few things to look for in the future:

– A list of great books to travel with or books about traveling!
– A list of all the things a heart shaped monster and human girl should take while on the road.
– Guest appearances from friends and family!
– Reviews on travel websites and links to other traveling with toys friends websites.
– Gossamer Around the World: The Scrapbook! (More on this later. TRUST ME, you’ll love this.)
– General advice on road tripping or visiting other countries.

After Gossamer finishes this week’s worth of essays, he’ll be able to get back to what he loves doing! Next Traveling post will actually feature Gossamer Jr. who went to Fredericksburg, Texas for a World War II reenactment. So, keep a watchful eye because more is coming!